Top reasons why Macs suck.

November 5, 2006 at 8:44 am (Uncategorized)

So I have grown to hate Mac. I have gotten tired of those who have no idea how to use a computer spouting off that there Mac is better then a PC (Windows or Linux). So I have decided to put together this top list of why a PC is better then a Mac. Enjoy and long live Linus Torvald and Bill Gates.

  1. Macs are ridiculously over priced.
    1. Macs have to have such high prices because they share a very small market of the computer market; the monopoly of course belongs to Windows. For example, you can get a $500 Compaq Presario notebook or a MacBook with the same specs for $1200.
  2. PCs are expandable and upgradeable
    1. PCs have a larger cross section of part available that are as good if not better then those provided by the manufacture.
  3. AAC sounds like shit, and so does mp3
    1. AAC sounds more like your listening to music at a dance club. Way to much treble and bass not enough mid range sounds. You really have no other choice in codec’s. So your pretty much screwed.
  4. Options
    1. With a PC you get options. Don’t like Windows Media Player then try VLC, don’t like that then try something else. With a Mac there well iTunes. The biggest pill o’ crap I have ever seen. Always screws up your file structure. Pain in the ass to work with when trying to copy over files to the iPod. All in all it just sucks.
  5. Customizable
    1. You really can’t do any cool customizations to a Mac. You can what change out the Apple colors. With a PC you can do sweet mods like shoving a computer into a pumpkin just for the hell of it, or even making your laptop look like the souls of the dead are trying to escape. You never see any of this stuff for a Mac because it would be a waste to try. Be out $2k just to do something small, and if it breaks well your out. With a PC you would maybe spend $400-$500 on a base computer. If you have monitors.
  6. Maximizing
    1. In windows when you maximize it take up the screen. On a Mac it leaves holes and gaps everywhere. All this means is when I click some place I’m more likely to pull up another window that I didn’t want. I don’t know about you but at any give time I have probable 8 windows open and that’s not counting my FireFox tabs. And when you get on a roll writing some code the last thing you want is to click something and have it appear right in your face and make you loose your momentum.
  7. Closing Programs
    1. When you go to close a program on a Mac it doesn’t really close. Whats this lead to wasted CPU processes and resources. When I close something I want it to close not just sit there.
  8. Alt-Tab(command-tab)
    1. When using alt-tab on a Mac it only shuffles the minimized programs not the current displaying programs. So what if I got 5 chats open and I want to switch. You take this and the closing programs and you got a pain in the ass as well to try and switch quickly between programs.
  9. Too many command keys
    1. Function, control, alt, option, and command (which used to be called open apple and is sometimes referred to by its symbol). Which one do I use to right-click again? Which one makes the delete button delete? Surely we can get rid of one or two of these.
  10. No dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys
    1. Enough said. How can you not have those keys. If you work in a terminal at all they are so nice to have, or if you have to go through pages of documents. You just can’t have them.
  11. Clock sucks
    1. It really sucks. Sun 10:00 AM. I want to know the date – I know it’s Sunday, for crying out loud. Maybe I can change the format. Let’s go look. Nope, but I can add seconds or flashing separators. Who needs the date when you can make those colons flash?
    2. (My Linux clock not only shows me some useful information, but I can also get a quick glimpse of the calendar by clicking it. Sorry Mac, but the Linux clock kicks your clock’s ass.)
  12. Safari Sucks
    1. Safari was released three years ago. I still can’t tab to a select list. But, to be fair, that’s probably really hard to do.
  13. GAMES
    1. This would be my number one reason I hate the Mac. There are zero games. Yet alone you really have shit for graphics processing to handle the games. The last real game was World of Warcraft that you could play on the Mac and even then WOW disappointed me (Longtime EQ player, would take me pages to describe my disappointment.). Personal I would want to be able to play a game on a computer that I paid $2000 for being that the tower I got now was that much and I have dual screens and at the time on of the best graphics cards on the market, and it looks way cooler then any of that Mac crap.

Ok, that is just a small list of what I have compiled. Some of these are mine some of them are from other people on the web.

Just a footnote to all of you who may want to correct some of this “If I have to go through menus to enable options and to navigate to places it still sucks.” Also if you want to brag about how much better your Mac is then My PCs learn to use a computer first with out the assistance of tool tips an all that stuff programmed in for the beginners. I mean be able to sit down at a command prompt and know what your doing. I want to be able to say “I want you to find in side of a file bared some were on the hard drive the like “Macs Suck”.” And with out thinking about it you can type it right in, and don’t come back to me with well my Mac doesn’t get viruses. Well either does my Windows and by Ubuntu, but that might be because I actual know how to use a computer. I know that well this email that say “Re: Hi” from: is most likely something I shouldn’t be bothering with.

Well that’s it. If you want to rant, rant otherwise make the switch to the better OS. Make it Linux.

Thanks goes out to: themagain, mjd420Nova, kersen, and Chris Shiflett


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  2. Nahtass said,

    Your too nice.

    • Jaron said,

      First of all,-you power hungry little entrepreneur- Hardware is only as good as its software. I have observed-in my lifetime- that most people who go out of their way, to attack and hate Apple,(for their price per spec ratio) are people who have never owned one, that being said-Nerdy Dick- enjoy wasting your money on hardware upgrades that no software developer will EVER EVER EVER have a chance to be able to optimize code for. THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT HARDWARE CONFIGURATIONS. sounds good on paper, but it is an absolutely awful idea and a bigger waste of money than Apple computers could even aspire. In fact, It amazes me that any software developer can make any sort of stable quality software on such an unstable platform that has no standards. The only reason all these PC affiliated companies upgrade their products so ridiculously often, is because cheese dicks like you keep buying the shit for bragging rights. Does your weenie feel bigger cause you have a Frankenstein platform to build a great big buggy, unstable, overpriced pile of dogshit from?

      • Voice of Reason said,

        You are an idiot, there are tons of stable quality software on both Android and Windows Platform. Android already have a larger Apps selection even though IOS had a head start. And the selection of quality software on Windows Platform is the largest of all in the computing world today. A programmer does not need to do stupid and useless optimization of code when you have an OS that can do the optimizing for them. Both Android and Windows automatically optimized any program at the OS level, with Window’s NT technology being the best. For Android, ART brings it to a better level then Dalvik. Also, Windows comes with amazingly backwards compatibility, I can run DOS program on 8.1. It also comes with at least 10 years support cycle, there’s far superior in standard to OS X and IOS’s extremely lack of support apart from upgrading to the latest version of the OS. The strange and weird that programs should be specially optimize for one specific hardware setting is downright moronic, if I am a developer I would want to write one program and to have it support on multi platform, multi setups. If I am a user, I would like to be able to run the same program that work exactly the same, be it 8″ 10″ 12″, or 24″, or 50″ via a projector, be it tablet, desktop or laptop or a low powered netbook. Windows allow the same program to run on a cheap low end netbook, but just slower, or on a powerful computer faster, this allow people whom are not well off to at least get a usable device at a budget price while a rich guy to get the best computers the market can offer. If developers have to optimized their software for just a few hardware configurations, it makes things much worse, not better.

      • Connor said,

        Better hardware is better performance. Saying that software “has” to be optimized is dumb. I have owned a hand-me down Mac before, and trust me they are god-awful. I bought a nice blue HP off Amazon a few years later, and holy crap, that thing runs beautifully for having an AMD. It even runs Space Engineers and Assetto Corsa. I am upgrading a Compaq Presario 5000 (original model) to a computer that Apple will wish they could make and sell for 20,000 at least. And btw NerdyNick, OS X is actually Linux at heart. It became that way after a failed company owned by Apple made an OS out of Linux open-source back in the mid 90s. OS X eventually spawned out of this OS. But, because Apple, it sucks and is completely locked down and restricted.

      • nas escobar said,


  3. Paul said,

    Macs have their share of problems, but most of the stuff you’re ranting about is either your personal opinion, or just flat out wrong. Macs are (and have been for a while) price-equivalent with other OEMs offering, there are simply so cheapo Macs. DIY machines are ALWAYS cheaper than any OEM, you just can’t get a legal OSX license without a mac. As for the rest of your rant, maybe you could stand to do some research first: VLC runs on OSX (you can tell because the screencap on their front page is from OSX), full-size Mac keyboards DO have the keys you say they don’t and there are Mac casemods.

    I don’t particularly care what type of PC you run, but don’t expect to lie and bullshit without getting called on it.

    • why? said,

      you sir, are the reason EVERYONE HATES MAC USERS.

      • A. MacHater said,

        THANK YOU.

      • Lennon said,

        Umm. You do realize that the op is the one who is stating false information about macs right? Paul was simply stating that many of his personal issues with macs are false. The date? There is a setting to change that. Games? Steam and many games actually run on macs especially now. Closing programs is as simple as a right-click quit. They stay open because it allows you to keep your minimized window space less cluttered.

        How does that make us (mac users)hated? Because we point out thing that are absurdly false?

      • minitech said,

        Hey Lennon, this is 2012. The article was written in 2006. Plenty has changed since then.

      • frangimerda said,

        Minitec, fucking irrelevant.

        1. Back in 2006 the Mac sucked ALREADY.
        2. In 2006 the Mac was ALREADY something only women and gay art students were allowed to carry around.
        3. In 2006 the article’s points were all bollocks ALREADY (the “right mouse button” has ALWAYS been crap, PLUS Mac OS started supporting multi button mice in… I don’t know, in fucking 1998 or ’99? I remember this because I lent my USB Logitech Mouseman+ to a friend who bought an iMac which came with the fucking round mouse all iMacs came with, and to his surprise all buttons did something)

      • abdulaziz alothman said,

        100% true sir , will written ,i used pc all my life , while i had a crush on mac , so i bought one , and it sucked pretty damn bad , i encountered 90% of the issues you described here , especially your last issue “GAMES” , i sold it after 2 damn weeks of torture ;), keep up the good works


    • Akaash said,

      Um by the way PC stands for personal computer meaning that a MAC is a PC and a Windows is a PC

      • Micah said,

        Windows is a brand of operating system. Not what you call the machine. Apple ran the adds labeling macs “macs” and PCs “PCs”. If you have a problem with the nation-wide accepted terminology, take it up with Apple. What good would confusing the language even do, anyways. “A Windows is a PC.” lol. That’s just not right at all. That’d be like Super Mario Brothers is a Wii. Also leave it to MAC users like Lennon to yell that facts of the past are lies because they aren’t eternally true. Note that most people think before they type. Unless they are a MAC user.

    • Adamm said,

      Because $1600 for a dual core CPU and integrated graphics card isn’t “overpriced”.

      1% of steam games run on a mac.

      • frangimerda said,

        I’m sorry, since when Steam games have been the measurement of a computer’s worth?
        I thought that battery life, weight, keyboard, display and support for *real* software were the comparison.
        Apple products are great in all these respects.
        Battery life is great and pretty much everything compiles on OS X.

        Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that only an idiot and/or a gay, French film student would buy a Mac, as all you need to get work done is a $300 entry-level Dell machine, unless you work in audio/video.

        Bottom line is: Macs are gay. Everyone has the right to be gay.

      • Slam said,

        Why is it that having less games available for Mac is somehow the Mac’s fault, or Apple’s fault? Shouldn’t we blame the games makers for not porting their games to the Mac? It’s not like Apple is preventing games from being ported to Mac OS X.

    • Dinky said,


  4. Gerhardus said,

    Hi, a s an ex mac er I have to agree with a lot you say. Mac users as I was actually don’t know much about computers. They know about, a mother board, it’s somewhere in there. They know about ram, let’s get some. They know very little else. Let’s not even get into upgrade-ability and the great choice of add-on programs available for PC. Then is the price issue. For years Mac abused it’s position by over charging. Now they’ve come out with these fancy little I-macs with very little upgrade possibilities etc. Dude I’m with you on this one, all I want you to do is spell check your doc before you post.

  5. Cyan said,

    You might want to visit this link. It very nicely sums up every PC user’s experience with Mac fanboys.

  6. Cyan said,

    • joe said,

      it also said that pc is just as shitty as mac

  7. Doubez said,

    I agree with your artical 99.9% MACS SUCK. I build computers for a living. The only thing that I would not agree on is the game field. Your right, the NEW mac games suck, the old ones rock, like MANTRA, SNOOD, and TASKMAKER
    BUY A PC!!!

    • John said,

      Isn’t that just your opinion? Isn’t all of this just an opinion? I thought Xbox and PS3 players didn’t get along.

  8. jayb said,

    Good list. My feelings are the same. I dont know which I dislike more — macs, or mac users. Its hard to decide between the two.

  9. jayb said,

    cyan, oh my god, that is the best link ever.

  10. Peanut Foot said,

    “For example, you can get a $500 Compaq Presario notebook or a MacBook with the same specs for $1200.”

    Not true. A $500 Presario comes with…

    -1 GB of RAM
    -A 1.73 GHz Processor
    -80 GB hard drive
    -$100 worth of extra software.

    A $1200 MacBook comes with…

    -2 GB of RAM
    -A 2.4 GHz Processor
    -802.11.n and Bluetooth
    -160 GB hard drive
    -$600 of extra software
    -Built in camera and microphone

    • why? said,

      you obviously have to much time on your hands. get a girl or a life.

    • ihatemacs4evapcsrule said,

      no it doesnt, i got a an hp desktop for 399 a 24 inch monitor from a wholesale monitor store online for $89.00 I paid $500 total for my whole unit. i have 8gb of memory a 1tb of harddrive space and a quadcore processor with windows 7 ultimate. I knowalot about computers I have a BA in IT, and I like to save money and there is no way in hell you are going to save money buying a shit mac plus macs are not compatiable with anything and you dont know how many mac users bitch at bestbuy cause thier stupid littel macs are not compatiable with shit. My cable company wont even provide support for people with macs, I could go on and on and on about why macs are shit , if you have a mac you are dumb period.

      • ihatechildren said,

        fucking wrecked

      • bigteabagLMAO said,

        ok wait right there!!!! i bought my mac pro “behind a VAN” for $100. me cool huh?

      • Darky said,

        I hate macs to but my old mac had 16 gbs of ram

      • Maddog said,

        I just bought a Dell touchscreen laptop for $699 Canadian. Typically, this would be a lot cheaper in the US. 8GB Ram, 1TB hard disk, i5core processor, Windows 8. Try finding anything remotely close to this from Apple. You’d spend $2000+ to get anything comparable.

      • frangimerda said,

        Faggot, Apple doesn’t sell touchscreen laptops nor machines with Windows 8.


      • Maddog said,

        My point exactly — not only did I get a better value, but my laptop has touchscreen capability — does that make a bit more sense for you frangimerda or are you going to keep firing your shortcut keys and insult everyone else on here?

      • frangimerda said,

        “Your point exactly”?

        You are comparing (literally) Apples and oranges, WHAT point?
        And mind you that this does NOT come from an Apple fanboy, the reasoning would still be flawed if we substitued a Thinkpad for the Fagbook.

        “My cheapo consumer machine came for 400 less than the cheapest Thinkpad, and IT’S GOT A TOUCHSCREEEN!!!1111 Try to find something even remotely close in the Thinkpad range!!!111 WHAT? NO Thinkpad comes with a touchscreen? My point exactly!!!111”

        It could be made even more lulzier with a Toughbook.
        ANY laptop has better specs than a Toughbook, hey, why bother spending 10 grand on a Toughbook?

        And yes, I feel required to fling insults at random whenever I visit this page, because everybody in here is either a retarded 16 year old who spends his time playing Warcraft OR a gay art student with a Macbook in a leopard print bag.

        You probably are one of the sanest people in here (hey, you buy Dell, that’s what sane people do, usually – if they don’t care for a pointing stick that actually works, that is), but this does not exempt your from your dose of random insults, sorry.

        Feel free to fire back, though.
        I do post on this page, thus I am just as worthy of being insulted as anyone else.

    • anonymous said,

      finallysomeone with sense

    • Ubuntu and Windows FTW! said,

      Found an i Fag guys! Go get a life! Your mac is just an overpriced piece of shit because its not running one of the best os in the world either windows or Ubuntu. My $600 laptop eats macs for breakfast and shits ipads!

      – 6 GB of RAM
      – 2.6 GHz processor
      -1 TB hard drive and 32 GB SSD
      -built in HD camera and microphone

      • ropert said,

        You call that a laptop?

        My laptop specs are:
        8 GB ram

        Quad-core 3,5 GHz processor

        1TB of SSD memory

        Now there is a laptop!

      • frangimerda said,

        Go see a shrink.
        You might have some compensation issues, motherfucker.

    • stewdog said,

      Listen, buddy. I have a junky windows xp computer w/ 256 MB of RAM and a 3.00 GHz processor. This computer eats Macs for breakfast and poops out iPads. Plus, it was free. It kicks mac butt.

    • sonny said,

      But you can buy a 700-800 hundred asus laptop with the same specs as a 1200 dollar mac asshole

    • Nvudya said,

      And for 1200 you can buy a PC that has 4 cores, a very good graphics card, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB HDD.

  11. gdvsbp said,

    Well in that case, a $1200 Compaq Presario nets you all that plus a gig of ram and another 90 gig worth of storage. Anyway, check the date this was posted. At that time, he was absolutely correct. I’m sure they’ve got their merits, but, besides memory management, I haven’t found a single thing that would make anything better in any way. Considering how “unique” they hype their products up to be, it’s ridiculous how little the users can actually do that isn’t forced upon them.

  12. Bryant said,

    Im sorry but a lot of this information is incorrect and purely based on personal opinon.
    1. Of course Mac’s are priced higher than PC’s but it pays off well…they have way better resell value. For instance after having a mac for several years maybe you want to upgrade to a newer one so just go to ebay you can still find a buyer willing to pay around 400$! for a powerbook g4 keep in mind that that the last G4′ were mad in 05!.Besides the OS is definitly worth the extra cash you might not agree on this but you cant disagree with the better resell value.

    2.Macs in general cant all be upgraded but the Mac Pro can sure its way expensive but hey their upgradeable. Ill give you the upperhand on this one.

    3. Who says you have to listen to everything in AAC? or MP3? its not like the average listener will notice besides WMA isnt all the great either. I like OGG Vorbis among other codecs but thats just me and their are plenty of free plugins available to able to play them on mac’s or PC’s for that matter

    4.What makes you think itunes is the ony audio player available for mac’s ? you sir have obviously made to effort to get your fact straight. VLC is availabe for OS X among many others hell you can even instal WMP 9 on em if you want to play some WMA OR WMV

    5.This one is just stupid. what exactly prevents a mac user to make a “cool mod” with their computer? “shoving a PC into a pumpkin for the hell of it ” HOW exactly would a mac break if this was to be tried ? You just couldnt think of another one of your stupid reasons so you just repeated the fact that macs are more expensive and welll….just look at my answer to #1 dumbass

    6.You obviously dont know about the little trick called stretching the window as tall and as wide as youd like buy using the mouse to drag and pll the right corner of any window

    7.It doesnt really close? WTF? its called going up to the the programs window and clicking on quit dumbass…jeez you are one stupid individual

    8.Im not so sure about this one since im not on OS X at the moment im on OS 9
    but hey what the hell ill give you this one , macs arent perfect and I suppose this could be a reason why macs are inferior to PC’s. The only 100% valid one so far…

    9.Function?where the hell are you seeing this button? lies! and BS I telll you . alt and option are the same button which only leaves command button and control not very hard to memorize that control and click is right click, or is JR. forgetfull and stupid? I guess so. And this one is just crazy but have you thought that maybe the delete button is the delete button? goodamn you are retarded

    10. HEy sherlock have you ever even seen a freakin mac keyboard ? they do have dedicated Page Up,Page down,Home,and End keys ! and even if they didnt well why dont you be a thinker and i dont know maybe use a diffrent keyboard if you dont like appples keyboards.

    11.Clock ? is that really why you dont use a mac? wow you are ignorant . but dont worry my friend doesnt drive his million dollar ferrari around because it doesnt have an A/C …so your kind is not alone

    12.IF you dont like Safari then dont use it dumbass based on your other reason I read that you use firefox well jackass they make a mac version of firefox too.

    13.Zero games? wow youre a really good liar there are more games I can play on my mac than i can on my cousins PC even though he has a alienware gaming PC. How so? well let me explain it to you since you dont know anything…add up all the games out their for PC and the thousands of games for mac and you end up with more games playable with my mac than with a PC because macs ave their respectable amounts of games available plus all the games I can run under boootcamp . This is why I love My Mac

    And just for the record these are all FACTS not just opinions like your crap. Anways havve a good day….PC user

    • why? said,

      no, never mind. YOU are the reason that no one can stand mac users. move out of your moms house, get a girl, or shut the hell up.

      • Chris said,

        Nice counter argument dumb shit!!! XD

      • Maccy said,

        I see a mad windows fanboys here :3


      • John said,

        Wow I could say the same for you man. How many times have you replied that to a MAC user?

    • Vivien said,

      i dont know how you guys use your mac clocks, but mines fine. Mine says “Sunday June 19, 9:09pm.” That’s good enough for me, man.

    • Harry said,

      I didn’t know WHO to reply to here, but pretty much there are pros/cons to each platform – I won’t bother listing them at all, because we probably mostly all know. The main differentiation for me is price/performance/value. You can buy approximately 3 equivalent PC laptops for the price of 1 MAC – that pretty much sums up why I’d never buy MAC.

      I’m a PC user and would never ‘buy’ an apple product. Not because it technically sucks, but because I don’t want to give a dime to the company. This whole craze of a product that has to have an ‘I’ in front of it for me to be ‘hip’ doesn’t stand well with me. Again, why should I be obligated to use Itunes to use an Ipad or Ipod or (Icondom for that matter!)? The I products are overpriced and undervalued when you can buy better and more powerful non-Apple items for a better value.

      Gaming wise: hmmm…I used to be a die-hard gamer and please tell me which games have been relased for the MAC lately that have been released for the PC? My favourite recently: Duke Nukem Forever – I won’t be buying an iMac for that game – playing that game it might damage Apple’s positive image!

      What does annoy me most is especially my tech buddies who try to tell me that Macs are superior to PCs…well, they should seriously start the church of ‘IApple’ so that they can share their thoughts, ideas and worship Apples for the rest of their lives…

      That’s my perspective on things on this end…

    • Austin "dos Wulf" Slone said,

      1. no.. they dont pay off as well as pcs…. with a pc, you dont HAVE to sell your computer and get a new one. you just upgrade your programs, maybe buy a new videocard

      2. nuff said a music lover, PC comes with good programs for music, with boards for controlling bass and midsounds

      4.itunes rocks, no argument for this one, i have it on my pc though, because yaknow.. macs suck

      5.personalization. soooo freakin easy on a pc, macs you pay so much more extra for personalization, ill admit though, the pumpkin thing really made no sense to me =/..

      6. ummm… why do that when you can click one button and save the time and aggrivation?

      7.again, simply click the little red x in the corner of the window, it goes bye bye, doesnt still ghost around taking up space

      8.macs are inferior in almost every way….

      9. commands are just so much easier on the pc.. and we have a right click 😉

      10.i hate the mac keyboards, but you are right, you can use any keyboard, and on my number nine, idk if you can use any mouse or not, but im sure you can, so im not going to complain much about that one.

      11.clock.. thats not the only reason he doesnt use a mac (same with me) macs just suck, but it is nice to be able to check the date if need be…, internet explorer sucks too, doesnt matter what computer im on, i always download firefox.. i like games 😀 they are fun, but i dont play the “thousands of games” on the mac.. the ones that i play work best on the PC, therefore the pc is better than mac in gaming for me

      and THAT is my argument 😀 i just felt left out. lol.

    • Finder247 said,

      14.) If you don’t like OS…then install that $300+ dollar POS Microsoft calls Windows. Then you can do what every the f&*k you want.

    • Kel said,

      Truthfully, the only reason I’d get a mac is for digital media or if you never use software because Apple has very limited options. Otherwise, the PC is superior. If you can’t admit PCs are better for gaming, you are lying to yourself. It’s better for business, school, gaming, and if you want to build your own computer, PC is the only way to go. And I have to say, the right-click thing is annoying. Just add the freakin’ button. It’s like Apple doesn’t want to admit that Microsoft got that one right.

    • stewdog said,

      Listen, buddy. I have a junky 2001 win xp computer. 3.00 pentium 4, 256 megabytes of memory, and 37 gig harddrive. It eats your little macs for breakfast and poops out ipads. That’s a pc for you.

    • stewdog said,

      Listen, buddy. I have a junky 2001 win xp computer. 3.00 pentium 4, 256 megabytes of memory, and 37 gig harddrive. It eats your little macs for breakfast and poops out ipads. That’s a pc for you.

      • Frank Costa said,

        I get hot when you talk so masculine like that…can I be your ‘buddy’ too?

    • sflynn said,

      Alienware, Lenogo,Dell=SHIT

  13. will N. said,

    ok i hate macs soo much but like you have to admit that the mac skin and stuff and like the themes are great, but they dont run as well as pcs do that is just the facts. and ur right u cant really close a program. like the first time that i used a mac it was running so slow because someone forgot to tell me that u have to click the top right and then say quit, sure the also have a built in camera, but that is like 20$ to add tht onto a pc. macs are just different than pc they have all the same programs mostly

    and right click is uhhh…is uhhh ok macs dont have right click but they also have uhhh uhhh oh yeah they have the same games as, wait no…well they have

    please people look at the facts pcs run better they are more efficient, and they are less complicated.
    and 600 bones of extra software…i dont think so

  14. Macie said,

    Mac owners remind me of Scientologists. Thats not a good thing.

    I’m typing this on my $340 2007 Compaq Presario laptop. After I put $8 in memory in this thing, it screams. Plays games like Doom 3 nicely, I’m happy. Now, what type of Mac can you get for $300 bucks, again?

    Oh yeah, to the above dude. People really want my crappy old 2002 IBM t21. I can sell it for what I paid for it 4 years ago – $300. $400 for a 2005 Laptop? Big Deal.

    • Kerina said,

      SO true… i will only deal with those who show me respect, for no other reason than they’re capable of showing respect i.e. they’re respectable

      • Slam said,

        Mega necropost! Cool!

  15. ben said,

    I agree with everything here. MACS SUCK!

  16. ben said,

    It is proven that people that have macs also have socail problems and severe mental retardedness

    • why? said,

      This man is cooler then you will ever be.

  17. nerdynick said,

    This says it all why macs suck

    • A. MacHater said,

      I love how although that video is five years old, it’s still all so true.

      • Frank said,

        The video is as ridiculous as most of the anti-Mac comments here are. I’m typing this on a 12 yo iBook Graphite Clamshell that seems to work well for me. Most of you sound like you are young and from the generation that believes faster is better and what is this hang with “gaming?” The world is in a mess and you want to jerk off to “winning” some child’s game?

        Grow up. If you don’t like a Mac then shut up and PC yourself to nirvana. All this “tude” about which is better is stupid, adolescent, babble.

      • frangimerda said,

        Frank, I want to make sweet love to you, you handsome, manly beast.

    • Rufus said,

      Well I disagree with this guy on the CD rom part. Whenever I put a CD in the computer reads it and freaking spits it back out with a million different scratches on it and I have to buy a new CD.

  18. Beezy said,

    i love how all mac users are so smug, the thing is macs crash too, macs are slow too, macs get problems just like the PC. BUTTT u have to own a mac to experience the problems, and by the time u purchased one of those expensive shits, its not all that great, and u CANT complain. MACS ARENT THAT GREAT< PC’s ARENT EITHER, but nothing PISSES me off mroe wen smugg ass mac owners dis PC’s like, PC’s suck, Vista Sucks, w.e MACS SUCK

  19. I. P. Freely said,

    Looks like the PC users have problems with spelling and grammar.

  20. I. P. Freely said,

    Hey Beezy

    That video was made by a Mac user – on a Mac


    • why? said,

      why don’t you take a look at ben’s comment, a few above?

      • Chris said,

        hahahahahahaha. XD It’s true!! That video was made by a Mac user on A mac. lol Do some homework man!!!! You’re looking like a complete ass!! Have you no shame?

  21. mj said,

    i m a pc user & wana say tat Macs rule!
    PC gets virus everyday! bcoz i know as i m makin a coldfusion app on the pc!
    why gont u just install windows on the mac via bootcamp to play games u r so lazy! dumbass!

    • Naruto2-point0 said,

      If you’re running bootcamp, its because OS X, ON ITS OWN, can’t handle games, and you have to resort to PC methods.
      You’re being hypocritical. Saying macs are better when using pc software.

      • Maccy said,

        I play WoW everyday on my computer with 26FPS (and that’s quite fair enough in my opinion) and I use the lowest-spec outdated and discontinued white Macbook.

        I also play Killing Floor on steam alot with nearly no lag.

        Oh, and have you tried Onlive? ;D

    • Yoloer said,

      Maybe you use your PC wrong. -Hey I see this ad that says virus. I’m a click on it!

  22. Unknown said,

    By far the best factual mac haters website I’ve ever seen. The only problem is that you are focusing on little problems like the stupid clock not showing the date. Don’t even make a website if you can’t think of enough information. I would say that 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, and 12 are either lies of minor unimportant problems.

  23. Nsen74 said,

    I agree alot with what you’re saying. My parents have Macs and they are nice looking machines but once I get onto it I have some of the same problems with it that you mentioned. The biggest issue for me is the one button mouse. This has got to be the worst idea in IMO. My second gripe is the pricing. They are way too expensive for what you get. I have a PC that I spent $500 that really kicks butt but if I bought a Mac with the same specs it would have probably cost me $2000.

  24. Steve said,

    DOOOODD! ur soo right macs suck baadly!!! im at skoool using a mac:( PC 4 EVAH!!!

    • Maccy said,

      Is it a big Blue box looking like a TV?

      That mac runs OS9… which is (I am a mac user and I will admit this) a pure piece of crap.

      However, currently, OS10 is extremely stable, and hundred times superior to the previous OS’es (because its Unix-based now)

      • frangimerda said,


        Irix was “Unix-based” too but it was a fucking mess.

        Counterexample: Dave fucking Cutler designed Windows NT, and it was actually very good.

        Too bad the various “Windows NT Distros”, aka Windows XP, Vista, etc… are fucking bloatware.

  25. MrCrowely said,

    I am an artist, and a PC user. I find Macs to be sterile and stagnating to the creative process. I equate it to trying to draw circles with an etch-a-sketch.

    • Herp Derp said,

      If you were a woman I’d ask you to marry me

      • frangimerda said,

        I’m a straight, extremely hairy man, but I’d like to ask him out too.
        I’m in fucking love, and love does not stop in front of an even number of cocks.

    • Fancypants said,

      Macs make your creativity disappear? That is bullshit, I’m sorry but an OS does not interrupt artistic flow.

  26. » Top Reason why Mac’s Suck said,

    […] Read it here […]

  27. Omar said,

    1) They are actually pretty competitive spec for spec; hardly overpriced. There are just no bargain bin macs. But then again, those $500 PC’s are still using Pentium 4’s and Pentium D’s. You get what you pay for.

    2) True, desktops are upgradeable. However, the majority of people (ie. not me or you or other tech savy users) are actually scared of opening their computer’s case. A lot of upgrades are made only after the parts being replaced fail, and they’re only upgrades because technology advanced since the computer was built.

    3) You can install more codecs as quicktime components. I use Ogg Vorbis in iTunes tyvm.

    4) VLC and other players exist on macs. Also, iTunes only arranges your music on the file system if you select the option for it (you’re even asked on first launch). It’s been like that since at least version 5.

    5) People mod macs all the time. There is nothing that would prevent one from doing that. You can go even further that simple case mods and add new hardware. Just write the drivers and you’re good to go.

    6) The behavior of the zoom button is application dependent. Maximizing a windows is not always the ideal behavior. If you have a 23 inch monitor, chances are, you’re not gonna want to maximize anything. Additionally, this behavior is not Mac specific. Linux desktop environment behave similarly.

    7) Closing the last window doesn’t quit an application by default, and there are benefits to that. If you really want to terminate it, you can quit it from the menu, dock, or with a keyboard shortcut.

    8) Your description is misleading. Alt-Tab switches between open application, regardless of the state of the windows. However, it does not swap between different windows that belong to the same application. For that, there is Exposé (F9, F10, and F11 on most macs), which allows you to swap between all open windows (F9) or all open windows in the current application (F10). It’s also far more useful than Alt-Tab since you can see a preview of all the windows at once, and even drag and drop between them.

    9) PC’s actually has more keys. Macs have Control, Alt, And Command. PC’s have Control, Alt, Windows, and Menu. In any case, that’s not a problem with either platform. They don’t complicate anything and they make power user’s lives easier.

    10) Full size mac keyboards do have those keys, and even if they didn’t, you could always use a USB keyboard of your choice.

    11) Click the clock if you want to see the date. But you’re right, Gnome Desktop does have the edge with the calendar.

    12)If you’re referring to the form element, yes, you can tab to it. Regardless of your opinion on Safari, it’s not the only Mac browser. If you want to use Firefox or Opera, you’re free to do so. Saying Macs suck because of Safari is like saying Windows sucks because of IE. The only difference is that IE sucks in more ways than any other browser and few people other than Microsoft dispute that.

    13) Blame the game devs for not making enough mac games. The iMac, Macbook Pro, and Mac Pro are more than capable of playing modern 3D games, and while the integrated graphic chips in the Macbook and Mac mini aren’t, they can play most other games just fine.

    “Also if you want to brag about how much better your Mac is then My PCs learn to use a computer first with out the assistance of tool tips an all that stuff programmed in for the beginners. I mean be able to sit down at a command prompt and know what your doing. I want to be able to say “I want you to find in side of a file bared some were on the hard drive the like “Macs Suck”.” And with out thinking about it you can type it right in, and don’t come back to me with well my Mac doesn’t get viruses. Well either does my Windows and by Ubuntu, but that might be because I actual know how to use a computer”

    Oh boy, where do I begin with this one. First, avoid run ons, it makes things harder to read and quote.

    As Steve jobs once said, computers are mind amplification devices. While it’s important to be able to open a command prompt and chain together very specific commands to accomplish a task, it is even more important to make the simplest of tasks easy for beginners. With their UNIX core and accessible interface, Macs accomplish both of those things very well. You should not be patronizing people for doing things the easy way, because the purpose of computers is to make tasks easier.

    Lastly, people don’t get infected with viruses because they don’t know how to use the computer. System files can be modified without a password prompt, silently, because most people are logged in as the only sensible default user account level, the overpowered administrator one. This is not the case on UNIX like OS’s like OSX, linux, or BSD. The unprivileged user accounts are not crippled like they are in Windows XP, and even if you use an administrator account (not the root user, but an account belonging to an admin group), you’re still prompted for a password to modify system level files and install software. Of course, if you’re an IT expert, you can probably make a custom user account level that with a good balance of power and safety, but most people aren’t, and frankly, that should have been done my Microsoft.

    However, no matter how secure the OS is, there is no way to stop user stupidity. No OS in the world is going to stop someone from falling for a phishing scam, handing out their banking details, and then downloading and installing a malicious program to steal their passwords if that user has the privileges to do so. Even if it’s feasible, it probably won’t happen. If computers can just say “NO” because they feel they know better, we, the human race, are in for a shit storm.

    In closing, you don’t have to like macs, but at least do some research before posting about why they suck, and certainly don’t just pull things out of your ass. As for Linux being the better OS, it has potential, but lacks vision and direction.

  28. RYan said,

    I agree macs suck. I think that the main reasons that macs don’t get viruses is…

    1. Macs don’t make up a large amount of computers in the world so people don’t bother coding them
    2. NO ONE would notice. They’d think its a normal part of the mac experience

    Also My dad got a IPhone recently great device untill it broke beyond repair 4 times within 1 year luckily he had a waranty so he got a new one every time. Ha they didn’t make any money off him.

  29. Ross said,

    My friends, two brothers, and huge mac fan boys, and I have used their macs alot. And despite using OSX and thinking expose and finder were cool I would never buy a mac for one reason – if it breaks it costs heaps to fix. On one laptop you gotta be careful not to knock off the power connector because the battery is stuffed. On the desktop the wireless network is broken and periodically the keyboard locks up..

  30. Skyler said,

    your way 2 nice 2 macs……………………………

  31. bjames105 said,

    thanks a million dude. that was worth the time for you to write. it is everything that i hate about macs in one article. i am trying to install ubuntu on my pc right now… but i got a faulty .iso… so… great job. that is all i expect from a similar mind. 😀

  32. Raquel said,

    I used to want a mac… untill I went to print photos I had edited in the mac version of photoshop and couldn’t take them to a professional print shop because the mac had disgarded the canon color profiles and ingrained them with mac color monitor color profile.
    I almost bought that mac just like the one in the University photolab, the one that won’t even run CS3 because it can’t be upgraded. Instead I popped a new AMD processer and another GB of RAM into my 2002 compaq laptop and run CS3 just fine, WITH tons of canvases open!

    • frangimerda said,

      You are doing it right.
      If you are a media professional you only need one thing for your job: HORSEPOWER.

      • frangimerda said,

        N.B.: Obviously, this does not mean EVERYBODY needs twelve fucking cores to surf the fucking web, “tweet”, “like” and generally be douchebags on the Internet.

        They (and I’m talking 75% of casual users) might be better suited with an iPad.

        Which is completely gay, as is “tweeting”, “liking” and chatting on MyFace, but I’m at least being consistent.

  33. Raquel said,

    My uncle is a professor at the university I attend. He is a total mac fanboy even though we haven’t been able to review finale in our songwriting class because everytime he opens it his 2007 macbook pro crashes. When I asked him why he said that it doesn’t meet the ram requirements for the program. When I asked him why he doesn’t just get more ram he told me that he had “reached his upgrade potential”. LOL
    And he is still mean to students who bring PCs into class!
    My 2002 compaq took a ram upgrade just fine and runs the FULL version of finale!

  34. Paul said,

    Macs are computing by numbers for people who don’t know or care to know how a computer actually works. The Mac fanboys are fond of claiming that Macs don’t get viruses, I’d say that XP with SP3 or Vista with SP1 are as secure as any Mac would be, and if you were a virus writer would you write viruses for the OS that has 5% of the market or the one which has 90%, as in the case of Windows?

  35. Huzah! said,

    Oh but all that hardware stuff doesn’t matter when you have a corporate puppet like Justin Long…. how cares about upgrading your mac…i mean its not like all its hardware is going to be out of date in like a month…or will it hmm….i think technology advances every month or so…..

    don’t get me wrong i don’t think gates should of took all the credit for windows….but then again that maybe one reason why any one buys a mac…”oh look gates took all the credit for windows..when Steve jobs helped…poor man…lets buy a mac to cheer him up” i mean why would anyone really think about getting a mac…? OH but wait every cool kid has a mac..i mean don’t you want to be just like justin??!?!?! come on people lets be a mindless corporate puppet!!!!

    BTW: fuck off mac fan boys learn to think about shit (and learn to see the cons of the godly system you call mac…haha fags)

    im a hard core linux fan..even with some distros not being 100% there..still better then mac..and my pc runs better too( i can’t just ask for mommy and daddy’s credit card like all you mac users)

    rofl peace

  36. me? said,

    Finally, another mac hater. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  37. Mason said,

    VLC is for Mac to Dumbass

  38. asdf said,

    I hate macs. I dislike most mac users even more. Every person I know who uses a mac is one of those people who feels the need to constantly tell to me why their mac is so great. Moreover, every time someone comes to tell me about their great new mac, it seems almost like they are reciting word for word the apple website. Mac users know shit about the computers that they are using. All apple products are specifically designed to accommodate the dumb-ass computer users who refuse to take the time to figure out how to use the $1000+ dollar piece of equipment they are using. Why do these people who know absolutely nothing about their computers feel that they are qualified to tell me why theirs is so much better than anyone else’s.

    I think you made some good points and some useless points. On a mac, I find that I cannot do anything with the computer that Apple does not specifically say I can do. I don’t like the idea that someone is restricting my ability to use my own computer. Of course it “just works” when all you can do is surf the net and play with the iSuite.

    Every “great, new, and innovative” feature that mac comes out with has been done already by a windows 3rd party program or in Linux. Apple copies other peoples ideas, and then all of the sudden Steve Jobs announces to his little mac users that he just came up with some great feature. Then all of us Linux guys are confused when mac users come to us describing this awesome new mac-exclusive tool that the rest of the computing world has had for the past 3 years. (examples: Leopard desktop cube and all of the features in the latest version of itunes. There are more.)

    Yeah, macs don’t get many viruses. Neither does Linux though. The reason why macs don’t get so many more viruses is because no one is interested in writing one. Linux, on the other hand, does not get viruses because the code is out in the open, and every time that someone sees a potential security flaw, they report it and it gets fixed by the community the next day. Besides, chances are that the guys smart enough to write the viruses are using Linux themselves.

    Macs are crazy expensive and cannot be upgraded. This means in two years you will have a crappy computer and you will have spent twice as much for it as the smart person did.

    As for all the keyboard shortcut problems and stuff, whatever. The mac mouse is annoying though.

    There are far more games and programs for people who aren’t using macs.

    Mac users: Learn to use your computer before you start telling us why macs are so great and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    • Death To Jobs said,

      We agree.
      Linux is Chuck Norris endorsed
      Mac is Justin Bieber endorsed

      • Herp Derp said,

        I’m a dumb shit that knows nothing about computers but I do know that Macs are the most unuserfriendly computer in the freaking world. You sir, the guy I’m replying to, are awesome and you should feel awesome. 😀

    • Mac said,

      Who the fuck will listen to you. No taste. BTW Mac is for people with taste. Not for people who live up to their asses

      • frangimerda said,

        Or: Apple sells an identity to those who don’t have one their own.
        That’s the thing with fashion and luxury goods, after all.

  39. Thor Valhalla said,

    I have always liked Apple products to some extent, but I’ve never liked Apple itself. They make it seem like anyone who uses a Mac, or any of their products, is better than you. I know a few people with a Macintosh or two, and they’re not at all like that, but still, Apple has engraved it into my mind and probably a whole lot of others.

    First, the most obvious point, the pricing. I bought an HP laptop a while back. 1.9 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, and all of this for $700. Now for MacBooks… Four hundred dollars for 4 GB of RAM? It’s insane! My laptop runs everything I need (Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop and a few ganes) smoothly, and yes, I’m running Windows Vista. It’s a lot better than people say it is.

    Then we have the whole isolation thing. Once you buy a Mac, or an iPod, you’re with Apple. No one else can help you now. If your Mac screws up, you gotta take it to your Apple dealer. It wouldn’t be bad if there were Apple stores everywhere, but they’re not. I can find a place to get my PC fixed, if I ever need to, every few blocks.

    And those commercials. Their ads have got to be the worst to ever air. Macs are supposedly for creative minds, but their ads don’t show that. They just show some skinny guy in jeans in front of a white background whining. ‘OOh, PC, you have a virus! Not me though! I’m too secure to get a virus’. Macs have gotten viruses, and the main reason they don’t have as many viruses as Windows is because… no one cares about Macs. Think of it this way. If you’re some sick psychopath who wants to use a missile to kill as many people as you can, and there is one island with 500,000 people (Windows), and another with 50 (Macintosh), which island would you aim for?

    If the guys at Apple just stopped being complete jackasses, Macs would be seen as a better PC (Yes, they are PCs, whether you like it or not). Seriously, the best way to get Windows users to switch to Macs isn’t by telling them they’re all fat guys in suits wearing glasses who like working with spreadsheets. It’s by showing why Macs are great; not why Windows sucks.

    (Excuse me if I spelled a few words wrong, or typed with bad grammar)

    • steviant said,

      I love my Mac laptops, and I’m not a clueless n00b, but a Unix geek who wanted a reliable portable Unix machine with all components fully supported out of the box including power managment and webcam without having to resort to heroic workarounds and ugly hacks.

      That said, I hate those smug ads too… I want John Hodgman to kick Justin Long’s perfect straight white teeth into his smug turtlenecked aesophagus.

  40. Sandra said,

    A lot of these comments are fueled by vast amounts of stupidity, ignorance, and misconception.

    Let me address the one that bugs me the most first:


    No pressing command or option or whatever — and this has been supported by Apple for ages now, it works exactly like any PC mouse, so please for the love of not looking like a complete idiot, let’s STFU with that one already. If you don’t know how to customize your system preferences and can’t see the gigantic shiny icon there labeled “Keyboard & Mouse” you really have no business owning a computer. Read the fracking manual.

    Okay, so yes I am a MAC user. But I’m also a PC user. I’m a web and graphic design student, and as macs are the industry standard in our field, it made sense to me to purchase one. However, I also use a pc every day at my job, and have used pc’s since I was a child. I’ve always hated the mac fanaticism that some mac users have towards their machines — I think it is weird, stupid, and cult-like.

    For the most part, unless you are mentally retarded, you should be able to use BOTH a mac and/or pc with minimal issues. Macs are not “easier” but they are more intuitive, so yes, perhaps if you are an idiot, you’ll find the mac-experience friendlier.

    But, if you are an idiot, you have no business voicing your opinion on any computer and it’s benefits or cons.

    This article was originally written in 2006, so things have changed since then. Safari obviously supports tabbed browsing. So does Firefox. IE didn’t until IE7 was launched. VLC is available for all — as are numerous other programs and software.

    The price thing is another huge misconception. To get a PC with the specs I want and need — it would cost MORE than my mac. My 24″ iMac displays colour and websites beautifully. To buy a PC monitor to compare or rival what it does — is hundreds of $$ more on top of everything else you’re spending.

    Gamers are at a disadvantage on Macs, but you can run Windows parallel if you really wanted to which means all of your beloved games can be played.

    So get over yourselves, all of you, mac or pc fanboy’s alike.

    One area Apple has PC beat is innovation. Mac users tend to be on top of the latest updates and software where as I know tons of pc users who are still browsing the web on Internet Explorer 6.

    • ihatemacs4evapcsrule said,

      no macs are not industry standard in the web graphic design field I bet your portfolio looks like shit who the fuck are you… lol obviously you have not been in the design field long what did your school tell you we all use macs we dont only the fuck twads use macs and u probably dont want to work at those companys cause they suck.

  41. Steve said,

    Hey Idiot? Why continue to support any MS products when you can have the real deal…A Mac with OS X. MS is 3 steps behind like they ALWAYS have been ever since they hijacked Apple’s code and fu#*ed it up years ago.

    You know, you can create your cheesy Powerpoint presentations, use Word and make your boring spreadsheets on a MAC, plus be able to do really cool stuff fast without constantly having to diagnose a Windows/PC issue.

    I make records for a living….probably a few that you’ve even bought…..all on my Mac…for the last 15 years. The sh#t has never changed or let me down. Only gotten better. The only problem I have with Apple now is that they are too popular and trendy. So please, keep using your piece of cr_p and don’t join the rest of the preps who make the switch to Apple. Leave their products for the pros, like me, who get sh*t done.


    • Death To Jobs said,

      A swing an a miss . . .
      Bill Gates designed Mac’s 1st OS, then Bill Gates went to design Windows while Apple decided to use the Unix source code to design all of it’s later OS’s. Linux and other 3rd party designers created most of these features which are now considered standard in MS and Mac OS’s.

      I do computer hardware and software design work for a living, learn more about computers before you post.

  42. me said,

    The guy who posted above sounds like a duchebag. What was that about apple being three steps ahead of everyone else? Absolutely not. Apple copies all of its shit from linux and yes, sometimes even windows. Moreover, they do so several years after it first comes out. Yeah, mac users think they are using the greatest, newest stuff, but that is only because they have no clue what goes on behind the screen that apple has formed between its users and the outside world. For example, over the next few years people will be working on creating all sorts of 3-dimensional desktop environments. Do you think Apple is going to be the first one there? No. First, they will come out for Linux. Try out Project Looking Glass and the Croquet project and you will see that people are already starting (there is still a lot more to be done, but it’s a step in the right direction.) Then, a year or two later, 3rd party programs will emulate the same thing under windows. Finally, mac will show up a couple years late, as it has consistently done with everything else, come out with something that is an exact copy of what already exists, and then tell their unaware users how they are offering something that nobody else has yet.

    3 steps ahead my ass…

    By the way, how could MS have “hijacked” apple’s code? The two operating systems are so fundamentally different.

    I use macs frequently for sound editing, and I run into plenty of situations where I have to “diagnose a mac issue.” Most of the programs are the same, re-written for each operating system, so there is really no difference in what you have to do for sound editing between the operating systems. If anything, while the most common programs are written for both, there are a lot more other programs available for windows then there are for mac.

  43. Jeff said,

    Mac’s have fallen over the slippery slope. The latest operating system Leopard, is a piece of poorly written junk, yes junk. The ability to get any meaningfull technical support is virtually none existent.

    Yes we are running a large OS X network and after the latest Leopard version of the OS shipping with imacs, the end user support issues have sky rocketed.

    Here are a small list of issues, I wish that egotistical bastard Apple CEO Steve Jobs would get off his billions and fix.

    1. Time Machine offer the user no flexibilty in scheduling backup. Macs think it users are stupid.
    I do not touch a mackbook for hours or days but all of the sudden the external drive starts churning away for 10 minutes. No changes in files but must keep on cataloging the files. Then if you want to use the maching TM is running and slow the system to a crawl.

    2. RIP Stacks. This was foisted on 10.5 users and I would say 90% of the users didn’t like. Note they quitely changed Stacks.

    3. Users get asked if they want to update their iPhoto library. They are warned once they change they cannot go back. Most users say Yes. The problem is that on our network we have different macs and images, not all of old lower RAM macs are updated to 10.5 Once they click yes, they can no longer go to say a Mac lab logon to the network and access thier photos. Most user lose my of thier existing photo and have to call support to see if we can get them back.

    4. The new latest 13 in Macbook (the model we would likey order) has no firewire 400 price at the low low price of $1299, the problem is many of our users still have FW400 portable external drives and we have a number of FW camcorders, etc. So I can tell my users to throw out those still fully function external devices, that won ‘t be a problem at all.

    5. On a Windows network, you can have a mix of really old slow NT 4.0, XP, and Windows 2000 PC running off a Windows 2003 server.

    On a 10.5.5 mac server good luck, since we were told by their System Engineer that 10.4 is out they have limited support, so if you have a mix of Mac OS X version, there are a huge number of issues and incompatilities. It has turned into a Tech Support nightmare.

    6, OK. Windows update is a major annoyance but now with OS X, OS X loses almost evertime or everday you start up guess what, 5-10 major updates must be loaded and installed.

    The Mac advantage is now nothing.

    8. It appears as have many other Apple is only concerns with meeting it quartly profit forcast and damn everyone else including the customer.

    Put products hastely out and hope the customer will buy into the hype.

    9. The latest ipod touch integrates a volume control and tiny useless speaker. Why would you have a small two speaker or stereo sound, if you are positoning the device a an alternative to a PSP or gameboy, to give a advantage to the 3 rd gen ipod touch.

    No Apple want’s you to throw out that obsolete 6 month old piece of crap and buy new. OK, I know how things are supposed to work but give me a break.

    10. No comany is perfect but unlike Apple they don’t mock other product and spell out their problems or issues but fail to admit to their own short comings.

    Will I still buy Apple products? Yes, maybe but I compare alternatives first, save a ton of money and still see if I can be just as happy!.

  44. Lucid said,

    Bryant your a fucking idiot.

    Im sorry but a lot of this information is incorrect and purely based on personal opinon.
    1. Of course Mac’s are priced higher than PC’s but it pays off well…they have way better resell value. For instance after having a mac for several years maybe you want to upgrade to a newer one so just go to ebay you can still find a buyer willing to pay around 400$! for a powerbook g4 keep in mind that that the last G4′ were mad in 05!.Besides the OS is definitly worth the extra cash you might not agree on this but you cant disagree with the better resell value.

    #So the whole point of buying a computer is to sell it later because you constantly have to keep buying new ones to upgrade?

    2.Macs in general cant all be upgraded but the Mac Pro can sure its way expensive but hey their upgradeable. Ill give you the upperhand on this one.


    4.What makes you think itunes is the ony audio player available for mac’s ? you sir have obviously made to effort to get your fact straight. VLC is availabe for OS X among many others hell you can even instal WMP 9 on em if you want to play some WMA OR WMV

    I sure love how Mac developers boast about how great ITunes is…. They also stated that ITunes was the best running program on the PC. Hahaha….. I have to be honest…. I ran Itunes on my 4 different pc’s years ago and nothing lagged me out more. The program wouldn’t even quit correctly.

    5.This one is just stupid. what exactly prevents a mac user to make a “cool mod” with their computer? “shoving a PC into a pumpkin for the hell of it ” HOW exactly would a mac break if this was to be tried ? You just couldnt think of another one of your stupid reasons so you just repeated the fact that macs are more expensive and welll….just look at my answer to #1 dumbass

    Prevents? Ummm the fact that no one in the right mind would waste their money on the Mac parts. Pc parts and Os’s (Linux,Unix, Windows) are easily obtainable.

    6.You obviously dont know about the little trick called stretching the window as tall and as wide as youd like buy using the mouse to drag and pll the right corner of any window

    It doesn’t fully stretch, as stated earlier.

    7.It doesnt really close? WTF? its called going up to the the programs window and clicking on quit dumbass…jeez you are one stupid individual

    You know nothing about hidden process’s.

    8.Im not so sure about this one since im not on OS X at the moment im on OS 9
    but hey what the hell ill give you this one , macs arent perfect and I suppose this could be a reason why macs are inferior to PC’s. The only 100% valid one so far…

    My only comment : “oh god i can’t read your whole sentence. I have to switch between Windows 98 and Windows Xp to run different programs. How convenient (sarcasm)

    9.Function?where the hell are you seeing this button? lies! and BS I telll you . alt and option are the same button which only leaves command button and control not very hard to memorize that control and click is right click, or is JR. forgetfull and stupid? I guess so. And this one is just crazy but have you thought that maybe the delete button is the delete button? goodamn you are retarded

    Learn to read what he was even stating.. oh congrats Macs, you finally upgraded to a double button mouse. *applause*

    10. HEy sherlock have you ever even seen a freakin mac keyboard ? they do have dedicated Page Up,Page down,Home,and End keys ! and even if they didnt well why dont you be a thinker and i dont know maybe use a diffrent keyboard if you dont like appples keyboards.

    Wow cool, you have to go out and buy yet another product.

    11.Clock ? is that really why you dont use a mac? wow you are ignorant . but dont worry my friend doesnt drive his million dollar ferrari around because it doesnt have an A/C …so your kind is not alone

    Ummm i highly doubt you can compare an automobile to a computer. But nice try. And you don’t have a friend who has a million dollar ferrari, because if you did he would have bought a PC and you would have despised him for not selling his car for a Macintosh that doesn’t have Air Conditioning.

    12.IF you dont like Safari then dont use it dumbass based on your other reason I read that you use firefox well jackass they make a mac version of firefox too.

    Wow they have firefox for macs? Where do I order a mac?

    13.Zero games? wow youre a really good liar there are more games I can play on my mac than i can on my cousins PC even though he has a alienware gaming PC. How so? well let me explain it to you since you dont know anything…add up all the games out their for PC and the thousands of games for mac and you end up with more games playable with my mac than with a PC because macs ave their respectable amounts of games available plus all the games I can run under boootcamp . This is why I love My Mac

    Hahaha this was the funniest one of them all…. … Linux = PC ….. Linux = runs all potentially….

    Bootcamp = emulation. Good FUCKING luck emulating high end PC games on bootcamp. Good fucking luck. For starters try to run Lineage 2 Official retail on bootcamp. 1. Emulation would slow down the system and crash. 2. You will never get passed gameguard on official Retail servers. 3. Emulation…. lmfao…

    get over yourself

    I hope your fingers get caught in the windows of your friends million dollar ferrari and fall off.

    • ihatemacs4evapcsrule said,

      your a dumb ass – if you had a pc you would not need to buy a whole computer to upgrade you would just by the some memory and stick it in the slot or replace the harddrive fora bigger one you can upgrade your operating system and graphics card you can even install exstra things to many to list and you can do it cheaper than buying a whole new system.

      What your going to sell your dumb mac for $400 and then turn around and spend another $2,000 grand to get a new one oh yeah thats real fucking smart. Are you sure your not retarted.

      Everything you just typed has nothing to do with the article you babble you know nothing about computers or technology, hence your openining statement “So the whole point of buying a computer is to sell it later because you constantly have to keep buying new ones to upgrade”

      If you knew how to buy a computer you would not need to constantly sell your mac on ebay, let me guess you buy the cheap macs and they dont quite get the job done for you, you cant upgrade cause macs dont upgrade, so you are constantly haveing to buy and resell your piece of shit over and over again.

      PC users dont have to do this so no we dont relate, and unlike your dumb ass i can code circles arould your ass put together and repair computers. So fuck twad while you may have try to come across smart like you know what your talking about – The real geeks no how to spot a noob a mile away please shut your mouth you are an idiot.

  45. me said,

    Hey, guy who posted above. Why don’t you read other people’s comments before posting your own shit. Everyone has already talked about how useless the points he makes about preference options are in this article. You are completely wrong about the resell value of a mac vs. the resell value of a pc. You are also blatantly incorrect in saying that there are more games for the mac then there are for windows. You flaunt the fact that you can play games under bootcamp, but that’s not using a mac. That’s using windows. Isn’t that the whole debate in this article? If I really wanted to, I could dual boot and put a mac on my pc, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still using a mac. What, you think because you are using the official mac hardware your copy of windows is not actually windows? Believe it or not, pc users have been able to install multiple operating systems for years before apple decided to change its own OS to support this as well. “This is why I love my mac” –> Your not even using a mac.

    I hope you fall off your high horse and get trampled by a herd of stampeding buffalo while your ears get cut off by garden gnomes. See? I can make really random and stupid insults at the end of my posts too.

  46. Lucid said,

    me said,

    just wow… “Why don’t you read other people’s comments before posting your own shit.”

    you might want to realize that my post is a reply to post #12. Bryant wrote that post and I was replying to Bryant..

    i can’t stop laughing…

    Why don’t you read other people’s comments before posting your own shit.
    Why don’t you read other people’s comments before posting your own shit.
    Why don’t you read other people’s comments before posting your own shit.

  47. me said,

    …(’(…………. ¯~/’..’)

    Lucid, fuck you. Why don’t you go back to sucking Steve Jobs’ dick. And yeah, I stand by my prior statement that your comments are shit.

    Sorry to everyone else on this forum for posting bad comments and being negative, but I think this Lucid guy is even more of an asshole than me (although it’s highly debatable.) Feel free to go back to making intellectual comments.

  48. Lucid said,

    Do you have any fucking idea how to read? Macs are a joke. god your a fucking idiot. You can’t even tell the difference?


    Im sorry but a lot of this information is incorrect and purely based on personal opinon.
    1. Of course Mac’s are priced higher than PC’s but it pays off well…they have way better resell value. For instance after having a mac for several years maybe you want to upgrade to a newer one so just go to ebay you can still find a buyer willing to pay around 400$! for a powerbook g4 keep in mind that that the last G4′ were mad in 05!.Besides the OS is definitly worth the extra cash you might not agree on this but you cant disagree with the better resell value.


    #So the whole point of buying a computer is to sell it later because you constantly have to keep buying new ones to upgrade?

  49. me said,

    I still don’t like you, asshole.

  50. Lucid said,

    I wasn’t the one who made the mistake.

  51. me said,

    Go to hell. I’m definitely going to get the last post in this argument.

  52. victor said,

    You two are retarded. Lucid, you suck, “me” is right about your comments being rude crappy, and your an ass.

  53. JHO said,

    yeah lucid, you suck. leave.

  54. Lucid said,

    last post

  55. Lucid said,

    I love how JHO, victor, me said all have the same exact IP Address =) hmmm I wonder why that is.

  56. me said,

    damn, i thought i was so clever.
    but then I saw that the little symbol next to the name was the same.
    Just having fun…

  57. anon said,

    well, your english is a bit off, but no big deal.

    while I agreed with most of what you said, you clearly needed to rip on itunes more. you didn’t mention how taxing it is on resources, how it tries to take over your computer, tries to force you to intall safari, etc. As well, you could have mentioned their inferior hardware which they claim is the latest and most up to date; the macbook pros didn’t get core2duo until about 8 months after they came out on PC. lastly, all you have to mention is how when leopard came out, the top search on the help section was that it was causing a “mysterious blue screen” on install.

  58. Sarah said,

    I researched macs before I bought one and as everyone was raving bought a powerbook g4 about 4 years ago for 2000 GBP. I loved the physical design and the look of the software. BUT, it kept crashing (without adding any other software).

    It ran so hot it would start to burn my legs. I couldn’t watch a dvd without the screen scrolling. Fortunately I videoed the problem as when we eventually got apple to take it back to look at it we received a letter saying they couldn’t find a fault and accused us lying and of trying to send the mac back to buy a cheaper computer elsewhere!

    I recently went to Singapore and there are no mac mice with right click capability. I hate how you have (had?) to import photos into iphoto before being able to view them – on a pc you can view them on the external device without having to import. I hate the not-quite-full screen issue, even if you can drag the screen – but why should I? Full screen should mean full screen. When I download a file where does it end up? A different place everytime it seems. How do you use your hotmail account with the email prog? Even if these things CAN be done the mac is just not user friendly. Open more than one program and mine crashed. it was then used as a dvd player until it decided I couldn’t change the region code again. Garageband crashes constantly.

    I thought yesterday I’d listen to the radio on it, but now, it just crashed. It is a 2000 GBP pile of junk which looks good. I love the way macs look and always get drawn back but as soon as I start to use them I back off again.

    I have to agree, if you want to email and use word (MS word that is!) then use a mac, if you want to actually use a computer to do something useful buy a pc.

    Before anyone says well one that is four years old is bound to be useless now, it didn’t work at the time and was twice as much as laptops at the time. One bitten twice shy.

  59. Noah said,

    There are many extremely serious Mac problems that aren’t even addressed here. However, that’s understandable, because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of problems, and it would be an incredible feat to list all of them. Some of the most serious Mac problems include:

    1.) The batteries break all the time. This leads to minor inconveniences such as the MAC NOT LOADING YOUR ACCOUNT. Costly repair is always required in this situation.

    2.) Macs can’t download most kinds of files. All the heavily-hyped file converters either don’t work, can’t be properly installed, or only convert about 10% of the types of files they are supposed to be able to convert. So far, there has been no solution to this problem.

    3.) Programs freeze and crash ALL THE TIME.

    4.) It is almost impossible to stay connected to the internet for more than a minute at a time. Want to chat with a girl you like? Too bad! Want to talk to your friends over MSN? Sucks to be you.

    5.) When Macs break, only a professional can diagnose what broke and how to fix it. This is not a coincidence; Apple loves to milk their customers for all they’re worth, and forcing them to have their computers repaired every few weeks is an integral part of their business strategy.

    6.) Updating your software can totally destroy a Mac beyond repair. Yes, it’s that bad. I had this happen to one of my Macs, which is now sitting in a landfill somewhere. This problem is also due to the fact that Macs are not designed to be upgradable, but instead designed to force you to buy new Macs at least once per year, as this is part of Apple’s business strategy.

    7.) Macs totally fall apart after just one year of use, and can’t be repaired after that. Again, this happened to another one of my Macs.

    8.) The CD tray breaks often, and of course, can only be repaired by a professional.

    9.) Macs always function MUCH slower than they are supposed to. It is not uncommon for a Mac to take 20, 50 or even 100 times as long as it is supposed to to load websites or simple files.

    10.) It is common for Macs to break again 3 – 5 days after they have been repaired.

    11.) When you download files, they are pretty much stored in random places. It is common to spend 15 minutes looking for a file you just downloaded and not find it.

    12.) Macs don’t warn you when you are about to move or delete a file that is integral to the system being able to run. Instead, they simply allow you to move or delete the file in question and then become totally incapable of functioning. This, of course, results in more costly repairs, because you can never recover lost files on a Mac. So much for user friendly, amirite?

    13.) It requires an incredible amount of skill and intelligence to navigate your way through the “Help” library. Most of the links in the “Help” library just link to other links, which then link to other links, which then link back to the links you first came across. In other words, it’s like running in circles.

    Well, that’s all I’m going to write here. But rest assured, there are hundreds of other very serious problems with Macs.

  60. I kill macs users for fun said,

    Macs suck figure it out. Just because some b list actor comes on the TV and tells you that Stever Jobs created something special just tell me that he is a retard and that all people how use and enjoy mac products are equally retarted.

  61. Josh said,

    You fuckwits, bootcamp boots WINDOWS (OR ANOTHER OS) so your not using Mac anymore are you? fucking idiots..

  62. >>Dirto said,

    Ya know i also find mac windows hard to hide because im really used to PCs their hide button is on the left and PCs close buttons are on the right. +their easear to use!

  63. said,

    macs sucks ass, i own 2 macs and 1 pc , i’m gonna install linux on one of those mac boxes cheers

  64. John said,

    I have both PC nad Mac and i am not on either side i think they both have there pro’s and cons

    but you realise that mac can run windows right? (as of leopard onwards)
    So why don’t you just get a xp or vista disk and run it on ur mac if u hate it so much

    hope this helps your problems with mac

  65. Mac hater 100% said,

    If you are an computer expert you should know the answer to this. Don’t buy a mac buy a PC. Yeah there are some flaws with the PC, but not as bad as the mac flaws.

    PC flaws

    1.Blue screen of death (XP).

    2.Internet card gets fried (vista).

    3.You can get virus’s.

    But these are all things you can fix. They truly aren’t that bad, My xp is now 9 years old (I think) and it just started having the blue screen of death about 6 months ago. I used to have a vista, after a year the internet card fried, but that was because people in my family were litteraly using it 24/7. The only reason why pc’s can get a virus is because the virus’s were specificaly made to harm PC’s, it doesn’t affect mac though because the programming is very different. I have a teacher (6th period) that has a mac, but long behold she never uses it…. I wonder why?

    Mac flaws

    1.Doesn’t have or work with any good programs (the ones that most people use).

    2.Quittime is a piece of shit compared to Windows media player, my friend Daniel toled me he wouldn’t have downloaded it if he knew it didn’t have such shity qaulity (we recorded a thing for youtube and it was in a mov file on the camera).

    3.It look jut like vista, but it’s over priced and it doesn’t work as well.

    4.No one makes anything with mac, everything you see on you’re tv screen probably went through PC processing, Vista has a very nice dvd and video making feature (windows movie maker).

    I could go on and on and on about mac flaws, but I’m gonna go to bed now.

    PC users, sleep tight and don’t let the mac users bite.

    • Clay said,

      I’m glad you said that the BSoD was fixable. I try to tell people that is is meant to tell you what is wrong with your computer. Sure you might have to know what the code on screen means but at least it’s not like the macs I’ve used that just wont show anything at all and your stuck with a problem that you can’t fix.

  66. D C said,

    Way too kind, you are.

    Looking over mac pros and imacs over the weekend, those things are so bass-ackwards and for all the reasons you stated.

    Worse, Apple doesn’t even have a trade-up program. You know, like how many other companies have: You get money for giving them your old equipment.

    Indeed, Apple is a PC + EFI firmware + mostly-open-source software. Why pay $2000 for their model when I can build my own for HALF the price (and that’s with 4x the quantity of RAM and a real video card, thank you nVidia) and put on Fedora.

    Also go into big box stores where the mac salespeople roam. Their main customer: 50~60-somethings that know nothing. Perfect victims if you ask me.

    Also, if Mac is so great, how come Adobe nixed products like Premiere from the Mac and delayed 64-bit versions of software like Photoshop until newer releases? (64-bit CS4 is for Windows only; Mac users have to wait until CS5 or use a 64-bit XP emulator or Boot Camp if they want 64-bit Winbloat computing.)

    Never mind battery problems in the ipods and other issues – Apple is ripe for criticism over anti-green policies, many of which double for what I’ve already said regarding their hardware. Apple is backwards.

    Even their much vaunted monitors are based on the same 5 year old technology.

    They are gouging. Pure and simple.

    Best of luck to Psystar – thanks to previous precedents in the PC realm, they’ll likely win. (IBM sued Compaq for selling a clone but IBM lost thanks to using off the shelf hardware. Apples are off the shelf PC hardware plus hybrid open source software; they can not possibly have a case.)

  67. ilan said,

    You are complety correct the mac sucks but I do have to give to them that the ONLY thing that the mac is good at is the ipod… even if it is a hell of a lot more money than any other mp3 player

  68. Dave said,

    I have had the same computer for exactly 6 years now. It runs Windows XP. And I will say that I have had many many problems with it, although most of these problems have been due to stupidity. But now in it’s final lap, it seems that it is doing just great .

    Now, I am constantly over at my friend’s house and he owns an iMac. Whenever I use this computer, I feel like I’m constrained to only do the things it wants me to do. It seems extremely hard to actually look inside the folders that make the computer run, actually find the programs that aren’t on the bottom dock, close the programs so that they completely stop working and change the settings. The windows don’t even take up the whole screen!

    With windows XP, I feel like I’m in full control and do whatever the hell I want with it. If I want to mess around and customize what services are running, hell I can do it. With a mac, it’s like “no way we didn’t build it so that you could CHANGE it!”

    Plus, there’s no freaking games that run on it! My god you have world of warcraft and halo 1. Good job.

    Did I mention that my friend’s iMac has completely died and been shipped out more than twice?

    I’ve never seen a blue screen of death on my computer. And even when there were some serious unexplained issues and this crazy virus that took over everything, a simple recovery console fixed everything. It was really as simple as using recovery console. Screw all these people who say “oh I had to reformat” because they honestly don’t know about recovery console and how amazing it actually is. It pretty much reformats the computer to the standard settings, but keeps all of your files.

    My friend goes on about how awesome time machine is. He failed to mention that time machine makes endless copies of files that haven’t even changed! There are so many copies of the exact same file and there are no obvious (if any) ways to change that. Many mac owners also seem to think that time machine is unique to the mac. This is incorrect. It’s just some visually fancy way of backing up your files. Any file backup program for windows can do that.

    As for the software on a mac, it seems that whenever I’m using it, many random things just popup out of nowhere! All of a sudden, everything at the bottom is jumping up and down and coming up all over the screen with errors because I just wanted to browse youtube!

    Also, there is no decent IM program for mac. Messenger for mac by microsoft is a pile of crap. iPhoto doesn’t let you preview the photos before you import them. Same with iTunes with music files. The picture viewer for macs suck. You have you select all the pictures you want to see, not scroll through them like on windows. Also, you have to press ctrl and + and – to zoom in and out, not with your mouse wheel. (unless there are some hidden options). And last for the software that i’ve used : there is no MS paint!!! What the hell! I can’t take a screenshot, save it and upload it to the web really fast because there is no MS paint type program. Probably the most under rated program on a Windows computer.

    When the mac freezes, which it has a couple of times for me, it’s almost impossible to freakign restart it! Force quit doesn’t work, shutdown doesn’t work, I had to go on a PC to look up that the restart button is on the BACK of the computer
    So I have to navigate around a 24′ screen to press some stupid button on the back of the computer to restart the damn thing.

    Another user said that using bootcamp is an emulator. This is incorrect. Bootcamp is simply a program that makes it easier to partition the hard drive of the mac in order to run other operating systems. Unfortunately, a PC has been able to do this for a long time and even run a mac OS. But why would we want to run that anyways? So we can run bootcamp?

  69. Dave said,

    I also forgot to mention, there is no freaking dock menu to show you what programs are running or not. To bring up the windows that are running, you have to press F3 or something to bring them all up instead of easily seeing them at the bottom on the taskbar in XP. You CAN see open documents though on a mac. Just not the actual programs.

    Also, a few corrections : I wrote ‘you’ instead of ‘to’ and 24′ instead of 24″ and possibly more.

  70. Remi said,

    What i hate the most about macs is the people, they don’t know anything. Good for a 7 year old but after a while, you cant depend on others to fix macs problems. With a pc you can do anything. With macs, you can’t. Some people brag about mac games. i macs with 256 MB ati cards and 2 gig ram. My friend has 2000 MB graphic card with 6.0 GHZ he has 6 gigabyte ram ON HIS CUSTOMIZED PC. Macs can only dream of that, because the owners can’t upgrade and that level of customizing is unheard of. I always knew that STEVE JOBS is a pussy; HE HAS A HORMONE PROBLEM!! Besides mac geeks are just geeks that are so stupid that they depend on a mac that can do shit so easy with a click of a button. And they call themselves smart. U not smart when u can make gay pod casts; or play with sounds on garage band. Whats smart is when you can hack and script, also customize you’re computers. Mac dooches never heard of ram sticks; or GHZ. They play with them because there superficial pieces of plastic made in china. PC’s are not about image; they’re about whats inside!! AND THATS WHAT COUNTS THE MOST! 🙂

  71. Bill said,

    Well mac Sucks Entirely I have a g5 i mac with osx 10.3.9 installed and there is no way of updating to the current version I cant install itunes 8 so i download 7.6 the one i needed to restore my 3rd gen ipod nano to put music on because my pc took a dump because of an unfortunate user not knowing what the fuck he was doing, and after i gone through that whole process of downloading the software Ipod wont work unless osx 10.4.9 is installed pops up WTF APPLE I HAVE TO PAY 150 FUCKING DOLLARS TO just restore my ipod for it to work. No ty What is the reason for that PC releases free updates and software doesnt rely on the version of the os for it to work just the hardware I MEAN COME ON


  72. josh said,

    I work at best buy at the geek squad… most people who are mac lovers i find… they dont know how to use a computer. You give them a mac it’s simple, to me mac is a kindergarden coloring book machine. It’s trash, waste of silicone. No customization, ALL THEIR CASES LOOK THE SAME. Some people say the get a mac to be a nonconformist…. OKAY… Some say your hardware is upgradable… just your ram to upgrade is not hardware upgradable… no game support… no real design program support. People using macs for graphics design are usually making stupid posters for their liberal hippie band. I see alot of hippies that use macs, maybe they’ve smoked themselves retarted so they can’t use a pc…. 5 yr. olds using computers are smarter than mac users, this is proved when m$ ran the add with the little asian girl emailing her pictures to her family… mac actually over complicates stuff if you come to think of it… Macs do get viruses and spyware i don’t know where the misconception that they didn’t came from, probably from another mac user that didn’t know how to use a COMPUTER.. and their price what is up with being 200% more than pc’s. that is ridiculous. as for mac being eco friendly, (global warming is bs im in school for mechanical engineering with focus in what normal people know as rocket engines i have to know emissions trust me…) there are recycling stations for old electronics at most modern electronic stores which means OMG either platform is eco friendly. I know, I know its hard to wrap your head around that one… basically i don’t use any mac products i’m entitled to my opinion, which my opinion has for facts behind it. OH and dont come to best buy with your mac. cause ill throw it down help the earth break it down faster, as for sueing me on that one, bite me. but im usually nice and turn you away.

  73. hotelgirl said,

    i totally dont understand why macs are not called pc’s. they look exactly the same!!!!

  74. josh said,

    um just an easier way to distinguish between the two. technically they are both personal computers though.

  75. jesus christ said,

    Either learn to spell or use the tool created by people much smarter than you called “spell check”.

    Even a graffiti artist wouldn’t waste time reading that crap.

  76. I iz t3h Mastir Chief said,


  77. lololol said,


    • Death To Jobs said,

      PC = Chuck Norris

  78. Andrew said,

    This is gonna be first nice comment on here. 😀 Have fun arguing silly silly people.

  79. Pet Hates of the Internet and the monster it has become | KinkyPeople said,

    […] Windows […]

  80. John said,

    So i am on a mac right now and this thing sucks ass (mac book) for you see i am 14 years old and and what we all really want is to play games I only got a mac because my sister got it free from some program at school i might take but i will as for a Dell laptop because it it more fun and I can play all the games i want but if you want a mac all you can do is make music and videos and school work can do much but go on like myspace,facebook ad any other social site most of all macs i would say the only thing else you can do it watch videos and porn while pc’s can do way much more and you get right click who doesn’t like right click I mean cmon thats like the greats thing ever but not you got to buy one for a mac PC’s Win MAC’s lose and the reason you see those mac ad’s on tv is because mac even knows that their product sucks ass get OWNED Macs and yes i know this shit is very old (the site) but i just wanted to say how i feel on this subject and mac users who write something about my ideas you too also know macs suck

  81. John said,

    FYI i am typing in the dark so go ahead and say something on my spelling

    • Random Dude said,

      Your monitor doesn’t emit light? Yet another reason to hate Macs…

  82. Johnny Haro said,

    OMG u guys are so gay and nerdy i came to this site by accident and Omg i said wat dorks and macs rock

    • Death To Jobs said,

      Hmm . . . I bet you have no balls.

  83. Steve said,

    Functionality of the MAC aside…
    Yes, putting aside the entire computer itself,
    MAC’s suck balls because of their prissy, artsy, holier-than-thou ‘subculture’, which can best be described with the word “Douchbags”

    Seriously. Wearing turtlenecks and writing poetry does not make your computer platform better than any other. Get out of Starbucks and go do some fucking work.

    That out of the way, Macs have all the appeal of the Star Wars prequels. Their colorful, flashy, and expensive, but lack substance of any kind.
    Wow. your menu has a pretty animation when it opens.
    How does that matter again?
    Fuck Mac’s and their subculture.
    ….highbrow poetry writing latte’ sipping douchbags.

    • steviant said,

      I’m a Mac user, and I have to admit that I find it pretty distasteful when the cultists say “oh you’ve finally got a computer that works”, or look down their noses at me because I wear worn-in trackpants, sneakers and raggedy t-shirts instead of a spotless black turtleneck sweater, Levi’s 501s and New Balance 991 sneakers

      The Mac isn’t the exclusive domain of douchebags though, just look at some of the pro-PC commenters here. 😀


    You all are retarded. Your PC won’t get viruses if you take care of it, dipshit.


  86. Alexander said,

    Just a few points.

    4. You can get VLC on a Mac. Go download it today.
    7. Learn to use Command+Q. If not, click File > Quit. If not, right click the dock icon, click Quit.
    9. Function, control, alt (option), Windows key for Windows keyboards. Hmm. Same key count to me (you counted alt and option as separate when they’re the same key).
    11. CLOCK. not DATE. If you wanna know the date, open dashboard with a tap of a key.

  87. Jeffrey Bond said,

    I love it. Great comparison. I have this argument all of time. PCs are simply better. People run out and get snookered by MAC and 3 days later they are trying to sell the thing on craigslist. “But MACS are Pretty,” I’ll take my ugly PC over an adorable MAC any day. It’s the inside that counts.

  88. Techdude21 said,

    OK, i think one thing is for sure, Macs cant beat Linux, but do you see Linux fans go around saying that every minute no! Mac users also cant be quiet and just make stupid comments about how they are safer then windows and your wasting time using a PC, in a recent hacking competition a mac yes a mac fell first, so even if it was the wireless card had third party software that still means mac is not the most secure operating system in the whole world, yes windows might have lost of “viruses” but so does mac, and Linux, and no not just “Adware” or “Spyware” but Worms, Trojans, and if this world had a higher number of ASM coders we might just witness the worlds first mac rootkit “i dont know if there is one for macs” or witness the return of self reproducing viruses, so don’t try saying “oh macs are better then pc” because they don’t get many viruses doesn’t mean they are secure, if you do keep on buying macs, then we will see how the tables turn.

    oh yeah
    ps. The Penguin Rules

    and just another add in,
    why cant mac and windows open the source and allow people with ideas to make both brands better, this is how most Linux based operating systems work basically you find a way to do somthing, better, faster or even somthing new, just code, and release, plus people might just donate to give their thanks.

  89. Techdude21 said,

    oh and by the way, The hacking competition in question, is on Youtube and also the target computers were Apple’s Leopard, Microsoft’s Vista and i think a Ubuntu as well

  90. Techdude21 said,

    typo mistakes

    its “lots of viruses” not “lost of viruses sorry about that”

  91. Wayne Bloss said,

    The Mac OS is the most poorly designed OS that I’ve ever seen From the single menu bar, to the Finder to the Dock. It’s like they designed this thing in a bubble.

    1) Having a single menu bar for every application is disgustingly bad. Why? Because what if all the windows for my program are on my secondary screen? Then the menu bar is on one screen and the program is on another.

    2) The Dock (I call it “The Crock” as in crock-of-shit) is another UI element that makes me want to puke all over my keyboard. It fails miserably at it’s mission. See that row of icons down there? Some of them are running programs and some are shortcuts. There’s not clearly defined separation of these to. Also, it has a space to show you minimized windows, but that’s it…you can’t see the non-minimized windows without using Expose, which is another craptastic program for the Mac. Arg.

    3) The Finder. I don’t have to say much about this other than FTFF. That’s right, there is a saying in the Mac community that goes back a long time and it’s called “Fix The Fucking Finder”. There are many reasons why even the Mac faithful say this. Hey Apple, how about a context menu to create a new file right inside the folder I’m looking in?

    4) Keyboard shortcuts / Text editing keys / etc. Every.other.operating.system does it practically the same way. But no, not Apple. They think they know better than you.

    5) SO many more things I could list here. All I have to do is use the thing for 5 minutes. I should make a website out of this.

  92. Alex said,

    Reply to Wayne Bloss:

    1) Realistically, you will rarely use the menu bar if you get used to the shortcuts. If you don’t get used to them, don’t use a second screen. After all, it’s your problem that you won’t move the MOUSE a little farther.

    2) The icons that have a light under them show that they are running.

    3) It is uncommon for users to start working by right clicking and selecting New file. Usually we USE the app. But if you don’t wish to look for the app, then use Spotlight, which can help you find apps much faster.

    4) Apple has special shortcuts because they are actually aesthetically more pleasing. Command + Q to quit is faster and easier to press than Alt + F4.

    5) List them.

  93. Wayne Bloss said,

    There’s a lot too say about all of these points, but #3 is easy.

    3) On Windows I have a choice though, to work the way that I want to without having to justify it to anybody. That’s the nice thing. That’s the _really_ nice thing about Microsoft products. They don’t foist their ideals onto you.

    In Windows, I can open the program first, create the file and then go save it OR I can very easily right-click, in the folder I was already looking at, create a file and then open it. It’s just such a trivial little matter though. I don’t want to look like I’m nitpicking because I’m really not. It’s just that there are all these little things, like this, that pile up.

    Here’s another easy one for the Finder: I’m looking in a folder. I want to copy the address of the folder so I can paste it into my source code and THEN paste it into an email or a chat to tell somebody what I’m doing. Should be easy right?

    In Windows it is, while looking at explorer press Alt+D then press Ctrl+C. Alternately, I can right-click the text I want copied and press Copy. Now, can you tell me an easy way to do this with the Finder? The only way I can see to do it from Finder is to drag and drop. Maybe I’m wrong, but whatever the final answer is, it’s not very discoverable…

    Prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong. Because I’d like to be able to actually get some use out of this OS without being annoyed by it.

    (Sometimes what I do is copy the address of the folder I’m looking at, open whatever program I want (with a hotkey), start my text/image/whatever file, bring up save and just paste my folder address. The Mac makes you navigate to the folder from the program’s save dialog. The folder I was already looking at.)

  94. Alex said,

    About your Finder issue, unfortunately there is no solution other than dragging, which you mentioned, or using an alternative browser.

    However, you can go Cmd+Shift+G to bring up the Go to Folder menu, which shows you the name of the folder you are in. You could copy that and share it, telling others to use the same shortcut.

  95. James said,

    Love Macs. But there BIGGEST Problem is……………………..LOGIC BOARDS. Theirs love to go out and there $1000. Look online and you will find that this is a HUGE problem! I have owned 2 Macbooks. Both LOGIC BOARDS went out. Will never own another Mac unless its one of there towers!

  96. Bob Faggot said,


  97. David Di Franco said,

    What a horrible post. If you’re going to argue why the Mac “sucks” so bad, then at least attempt to use correct grammar. Instead, you end up looking like an uneducated computer user who just wasted their time. Also, for the love of Steve Jobs, do some research before you run your mouth.

  98. Steve said,

    I have both a MacBook Pro 15 (unibody) and an Lenovo T61P running XP. They both crash, but as mentioned here the XP machine crashes predominately because of a poorly written program. The Mac crashes because of the OS, it freezes at times. I have had a lot of basic issues with my Mac. Such as the bluetooth mouse disconnecting (known issue that Apple will not acknowledge publicly but their apple support people all know about), additionally the when using the 15-pin video connector the video will blank out (also a known issue). There is no technology like hibernate on the Mac, which means even though my Mac is “asleep” it still drains about 1%-2% of battery life an hour, so if I take it on a trip after a day or two it must be plugged in.

    I use my mac for work, not to make videos or listen to music, etc. The Mac is not ready for corporate prime time. iMail and iCal are great for personal use but just do not have the features that a modern corporate worker needs. Entourage (Mac’s Outlook equivalent) is missing too many features to really be compared to outlook. The calendaring is not good, as if you get a meeting request that you cannot make, there is no option to propose another time. Plug-ins for WebEx, MeetingPlace, etc are not available. And simple things like a complex html signature are not supported.

    As for the PC, well it crashes at time, and is overly controllable by my IT department (auditing, scanning, etc). However, for BUSINESS it is the better choice by far.

  99. Trevor said,

    Personally, I love my mac but hell I also really do like windows. Mac OS X just seem easier and more comfortable for me to use. But either way the you look at it a PC and a MAC are computer so who really gives a shit which one is better if you like. Most mac users are definally way into macs and when they see me with my mac they just wont shut the fuck up about how sweet macs are. Yea I like them but you dont have to reinform me why I like them. Sometimes just the people that own Macs make me feel weird having one. Either way you look at you can you can be a Mac, you can be a PC but just dont be the douche bag that runs his mouth all day about how fucking sweet his computer.

  100. S. Bala Murugan said,

    unique Problems most people don’t notice, but get pissed with later,

    * Hardware too fragile (Drop it once you are stuck with some or the other problem. Drop it after warranty period then you can pretty much buy a new one rather than repairing it) – Try an IBM laptop in this matter.

    * Extended warranty is too costly… (compare with hp, dell or IBM)

    * The moment you think of upgrading, forget about affordability… ( Things are going forward rapidly these days who wants to get stuck into a older configuration?)

    * Unfair price difference in most countries (India, China etc.,)

    * One same model for everyone????? Which self respecting person will spend a lot on a gadget which looks exactly same as million’s (I stopped thinking about mac when people around me started buying mac)… if you think mac is sexy then go see adamo by dell, voo doo by HP

    You’ll miss out lots of cool stuff (Real cool stuff Not what steve thinks cool) eg. Touch screens, Multi Touch screens, Finger print reader, Face recognition, sexy cooling solutions, Kick ass Mods (for your desktop), Halo, Prince of Persia (Any good game for that matter),

    * And finally the apple store people (at least in many of the Indian stores) are plain dumb and adamant and arrogant.
    Customer asks: What is the data transfer rate with the hard drive?

    Apple genius: Sir.. Sir… Sir… If you compare it with any other windows based system this is lot faster ….

    customer: Can you put a usb hub to these USB port? Im asking because with my Dell the ports dont have enough power to take the load of a hub.

    Apple genius: (after thinking and making some noises) Im sure the hub should be working with this Sir. after all this is the best laptop you can get in the market..

    (This is a real incident the customer saw that i was noticing, raised his eyebrow and gave a disbelieving look… even a child can tell that the genius there didn’t know anything more than what was written in the pamphlets)

  101. NIK said,

    I love this article and wish there was more where this came from.Macs are just gay plain and simple If you like to get your shit pushed in,have no brain and enjoy paying double the price of a PC with the same specs then buy a Mac. With macs you pay for a name nothing else.There are many reasons why PC’s are better they are cheaper and you have many different manufactures of PC’s to chose from, your not restricted to running only certain programs,run any os you like,the new PC’s are faster than any of the mac’s,way more people use PC’s,Way more games and way more programs and tools,and so many more things to many to list.I think that the fact mac is now using windows on their computers only proves the point that PC’s are better why by a mac and have to run a shitty emulation program like bootcamp to barely run the programs and games you use when you can just buy a PC and get the real thing and not have to bother with that headache ,you dont hardly see anyone using the mac os on their PC do you.Also a PC always feels more responsive to me if I click on something or open something it always seems much faster on a PC and on a mac it is much harder to get into the operating systems components and it doesnt have certain very usefull tools like windows does like the task manager or command prompt or registry not to mention right click yeah I know on a mac you have to click and press control well to me that is a pain in the ass I would much rather be able to right click and scroll.Also I hate how 90% of macs are all in one meaning computer is connected to the monitor to me these are two different parts and I dont nessicarilly want the monitor that comes with the computer, again this comes down to being able to custimize the computer.Also I can upgrade my PC all day long and even build a whole computer from scratch using all different parts,that is never done on a mac.To me most people using a mac are less secure than most people using windows because it is a fact that macs can be hacked and can get viruses but the large majority of mac users have no protection against this no anti virus or firewall or anything,so yeah the chances of you being hacked are not that high but if someone did decide that they wanted to get into your computer specifically they could and there would be nothing to stop them or even remotely inform you that they were inside your computer.Also I wouldnt personally buy anything from a company that spreads propaganda like Apple does alot of times its just straight up lies misleading people into buying their product and then once you do buy your stuck using only the programs or software they approve you to use.Please if your just a complete idiot and love macs then disapprove this comment .

  102. bob said,

    macs suck big bulging nigger cocks

  103. kmc said,

    Ok i hope everyone who says just use bootcamp or what ever that windows virtual machine on your mac to play games and what not that you need to have a LEGAL copy of windows to do so. So thats another 120 dollars at least Just to plays games on a mac.
    Also goto the store and just start randomly clicking on mac look away from the monitor i crashed the thing in one min i went over to a pc did the exact same thing all idid was open a how bunch of pcs

  104. Anonymous said,

    I own a Mac myself, but I really like Windows XP. The only reason I can’t get a PC is because my parents don’t know how to use one (But I do). I don’t like Windows 95 (Or 98), Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, but like before I like XP. And your right, all the good games are on Windows.

  105. fuckingnoobshitwindows said,

    Apparently the Windows Users have a very poor grasp of English.
    Please go to school first before flaming about how great Windows is, or how Macs suck.

    First and foremost, every OS has its pros and cons. OSX has it, Windows has it. What the fuck are you all quarreling for? Windows users you say Macs are arrogant pricks. Why? Do you feel a sense of inferiority? Because its always the losers who bark the loudest. If you really think Windows is better you would just shut the fuck up and start wanking in front of your lovely Command Prompt window.

    Secondly this article IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. Lots of you Windows users have seriously fucked up ideas about Macs.

    First, those who haven’t even touched a Mac in their lives. VLC can’t run on Mac? GO fuck yourself. Oh cool. You can’t see the date on the clock? Move your cursor over the clock, or change your system preferences, you fucking moron. All the good games are on PCs? ROFLMAOZEDONG! FYI, bootcamp IS NOT an emulation. Stuff like Parellels and VMWareFUsion are, but bootcamp is RUNNING WINDOWS NATIVELY. And fyi, running XP/Vista on Macs in bootcamp is much faster than running windows on your PC. People can run Linux in Windows on a Mac with no problems. Why can’t you? The only reason is your pathetic lack of knowledge. See, if you retarded nerds spent the same amount of time researching about Macs as you did researching about Windows, you would find that ALL OF THE POINTS THE RETARDED AUTHOR STATED ARE COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. And, what’s the shit about configuring your computer to have 3 million TBs of RAM, 2000GHz processing power and 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000TB of harddisk space? DO YOU THINK YOU’LL NEED THAT? Why would you even need such high specs? Storing trillions of hardcore porn? And screwing about your computers’ insides.
    A NORMAL PERSON, i repeat, A NORMAL PERSON, would DEFINITELY NOT BE AS FUCKED UP AS YOU. People, have a life. A computer is to SIMPLIFY YOUR TASKS, not to FUCK IT UP. Oh yes, in Windows you can type a 200-line script to find out how much hard disk space you have left, in Macs you can only look at the line of text at the bottom of your finder window. Additionally, you could type a 2000-line script in Mac to do the same thing. SO, windows is more superior just because its more complicated!!! If you think like that you are seriously FUBAR. Tech nerds like you need to get a life. Instead of fucking your Intel Pentium 2000 chip or licking your 12039120519205 GHz processor, why not get a life.

    Go out and have some fun. You’ll see whats missing from your pathetic lives.

    Those who say they used their friend’s, mom’s, girlfriend’s mac, whatever. Let’s assume you are a Mac user for all your life. You borrow your friend’s PC, which is running XP. Would you be able to figure everything out at one glance? Seriously if you guys just take time to think for awhile you would make AN ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING DISCOVERY: YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID, AND RETARDED.

  106. ShadiKudo said,

    Honestly, Macs sucks in my point of view mainly for what i use them for. I know how a Mac works. My school Only has macs and all types of macs. I prefer PC on the account that its Cheaper mainly. Not only that its cheaper. It can run 2X better then a Mac. And PCs are not ugly, there only ugly if you make them ugly. My PC Tower looks AWmazing! And virus? come on get some antivirus and stop looking porn and your fine. (personally i use Norton 360 and never failed me yet. yes that is my opinion for Norton i know there is a lot other opinions on that) Macs are restricted in my views. again this is my opinion there just not what an advance user to me would use. An when a pc gets old, instead of paying 2000$ (like you do with macs) you upgrade grade it for like 400$. And guys, I hate apple with a passion. anything apple to me sucks (again people to me) and dont say its cause i havnt used them. Ive used everything and tried getting shit to work. its simply too flawed to use. Pcs are more user friendly to me. and Honestly i think macs look ugly. very ugly. Windows 7 is awmazing. where macs internal and external looks like white shit. But macs do have some good points, whatever they are i havnt used one that long to find one. I will Never buy a mac nor buy a Apple product unless its worth it and compatible. AGAIN PEOPLE REMEMBER EVERYTHING WE SAY IS MOSTLY OPINION.

    Chaz (Ps. i know i spelled Amazing wrong, but its more amazing spelled AWmazin =])

  107. ShadiKudo said,

    also, im mainly using this site for m persuasive speech “why you should buy a PC instead of a Mac” THAKN YOU

  108. ShadiKudo said,


  109. Top 10 Reasons Why Mac Sucks - CollegeTimes™ said,

    […] 6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?… […]

  110. MAC Rules said,

    MAC were created by gods for gods.

    You mortal cannot understand while you keep using stupid windows PC’s.

    have a nice day

    • Death To Jobs said,

      Hmm . . . Wrong
      In the beginning Chuck Norris made the PC that ran on Linux and it was good, then one day Hitler and his merry band of Nazis decided to defy Chuck Norris and create Macintosh’s so Chuck Norris came down from the heavens and killed the Nazis and all people who say Mac is better than PC’s that run Linux distros shall suffer eternal damnation and hellfire. The end.

      • The Prophet said,

        I can personally testify that this is true. So let it be written, so let it be done. Macs are evil deification of the Nazi clan of Satan and Hitler.

  111. Wayne Bloss said,

    Apparently the gods don’t know how to design a laptop that looks good AND has proper heating ventilation.

  112. Top 10 Reasons Why Mac Sucks | : The Best of the Best Websites said,

    […] 6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?… […]

  113. siddy123 said,

    Macs and PC’s are used for entirerly different things, Macs for media & web browsing, PC’s for high memory applications, gaming and software engineering.

    i cannot aviod the fact MAC’s are better with handling media and such, but everything they say about being “Virusproof” is complete shite, of course they’re not virusproof. the two things that protect them is the fact apple holds such small percentage of the market, nobody can be bothered to make a virus that won’t get to as many users as they would on a PC. and the fact that PC user’s don’t want to bother messing with such filth and MAC users can hardly switch the power button on or click and drag let alone write a piece of code that’ll infect other users.

    i’m a PC at heart but i think it’s just a matter of taste. those who wish to look cool buy MAC’s and dribble at all the exciting sounds and graphics it creates whilst those who want to BE cool buy PC’s and create high end programmes and play some shit-good quality games.

    MAC users follow what Steve Jobs say as though it’s Law, i have beaten several of my MAC friends in explaining this, and all they can say is “Well Steve Jobs said it was virusproof”.

    It;s all a matter of time before Linix really starts to shine. it’s like a grown up MAC in some ways. it should get more credit then MAC’s do.

    What made me chuckle once was when Apple did a MAC Vs PC advert claiming that Windows spend too much on advertising then actually fixing it’s problems…


    What’s this, Apple ADVERTISING that Windows advertisies too much then making about a hundred more adverts every year taking the piss outta one thing from windows each time….hasn’t that story got abit of irony in it

  114. Brian G said,

    I have used computers since about 1979. I have a Mac, a Linux laptop, and a Windows machine running and that I use almost every day. I think Windows is the best for me. The primary reason is that I can get all of the programs I need for free, but on the Mac I have to pay. I can’t even get a decent Mahjong game for the Mac without paying. WTF? How many games of chess does Apple think I can stand to play? Why is chess the only game that comes with a Mac?

    I’ve go to say, I sell software and teach software classes. The type of customers that I see come in that own Macs are usually the people that are the biggest idiots. I actually had one tell me that she was “a Mac bigot”, but admitted that she had never tried a Windows computer. She and I talked, and she was under the impression that Windows was always crashing, and was a POS. With only one exception, and it was HARDWARE related, I’ve never had any of my Windows machines crash.

    I think at some point the world is going to realize how stupid Macs are, and that they have been ripped off. If all I had was my Mac, I’d feel like I was severely handicapped.

    OK consider this:

    Best freeware text editor for Mac (that sucks) = Smultron.
    Many awesome freeware text editors for Windows (like Notepad++)

    I could go on, but if your a Mac “fanboy”, then you’ll just get into a hissy fit.

    You know why I’m here? I found this article while searching for decent freeware games for my Mac. I still haven’t found any. I downloaded a few, but they are all crap.

    I have a 20 or 22 inch iMac. I got it about a year ago. I’d only recommend Macs for people with no computer experience. Normal or power users should get Windows or Linux machines.

  115. Pat said,

    Hi Guys,

    I switched from Pc to Mac about 2 years ago and must finally say that mac os is far better than windows (XP, Vista;7).
    I don’t have to think about drivers, suddenly crash downs of my os system and viruses.
    Every major software is also available on the mac and runs more smoothly on the mac.
    At first it was a little bit confused about how mac os works but now it seems for me like i haver never used everthings other than a mac.
    And their pro application Final Cut and Logic are by far the best products to produce a film or music

  116. Yar said,

    I don’t see the logic in getting an mac….I really don’t. All it looks like is a Badly modded Linux distro with custom hardware….hell on the other hand..there could be alot of money to be made here.

    ..yeah I’ll go grab a bunch of old dell pcs from the local dump
    Grab a linux distro put a Custom theme in it and Paint the case all pretty colors***with crayons..irresistible****

    it will run as good as apple macs, hell even better

    then put them up for sale on ebay. shit i’ll be rich in no time……………..I’m a ******* genius…then i’ll call my company pear

    anyone want to buy a new PEAR pc?!! be the 1st to make history!
    starting prices are $500 for a single core $1000 for dual,$3000 for quad
    (losely based on prices of competitor apple((those are real prices of macs…no lie))

  117. Casey said,

    Woah, every single word made me smile. I love this. This is my new homepage, so every time I click on Firefox, it’s the first page I visit. This was really worth the time. And I need to thank you a million. It’s true, you Mac-lovers, Macs suck. They do, there’s no arguing. Take a Mac, take a PC. First, you can customize a lot more. You get image editing easier. You get music easier. Every thing’s easier. And Mac users get too picky. If you offend a Mac-maniac, you get a list of complaints. If you insult a PC user, they walk away and get on with their life, like you Mac-crappers should. And you creepy Macers, go buy a PC. You know they’re better.

  118. Winds said,

    Macs are absolute rip offs. The only Macs that are worth any money is maybe the 8 core Mac Pro. Keep in mind this is 2010 now. Most mid to high end PCs come with i7 processors now. The imacs still come with crappy duo core processor. You can get an i7 DELL with 8 gigs of ram for only 1000 dollars.

    Apple only offers i7 upgrades on 3 things! If you want an i7 (the latest processor) with 8 gigs of ram, you’ll have to spend 2500 dollars on an 27″ iMac. It comes with a crappy, non upgradable graphics card.

    Apple’s products are now outdated straight out of the box. Why would anyone want to spend 1500 dollars on an outdated duo core processor? Oh yeah – ignorant people.

    mac fanbois claim you can resell an outdated mac. Well duh! If an idiot is dumb enough to buy an over-priced, outdated duo core processor in year 2010 for 1,500 dollars, then that same idiot will probably buy an outdated single core 2.4 ghz Mac from year 2005 for 800 bucks.

    Ignorant clueless people are the reasons why Mac sells so well.

  119. Frank said,

    I’m on the mac side but I’m not a fanboy! I don’t go prancing around willy-nilly chanting “Mac Are better because bla bla bla”
    Mac are pretty good computers now. PC fanboys just need to accept that. I’m not saying PCs suck. I just prefer macs, because they are very well designed computers and work well and I think Microsoft needs to become a bit more stable. I mean Vista was a total flop and while Windows 7 is a (tiny) step in the right direction they really need to do a mega makeover (kinda like Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X)

  120. Yar said,

    5 reasons you should stay away from apple

  121. Apple Crapintosh. « iimSouperman's Blog said,

    […] 6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?… […]

  122. Gewinnen said,

    i’m so glad that i saw this blog. that posting was so insightful. thanks again i signed up to this website.
    are you planning to write similar news?

  123. Teema said,

    I love how half the reasons are just stupid, and the others are lies…
    #1. Obviously its priced higher – you have to pay more for better computer.
    #2. Macs CAN upgrade. I just upgraded mine, and now it runs with 4Gs and better capabilities.
    #3. WHAT A RIDCICULOUS REASON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You don’t like the sounds of AAC and MP3, so its deffs worse right?
    #4. You get just as many options for mac now. You can run VLC on a mac, I use it all the time. There are 100s of programs available now.
    #5. You can customize a mac !!! Its called themes, and skins, and widgets that allow you to! Come see mine… its customizesd.
    #6. Its called stretching the window as tall and as wide as youd like by dragging the corners… not that hard!
    #7. ITS DOESN’T REALLY CLOSE? WHAT? Its called quitting the program!!? Command+Q … no big deal?
    #8… Haha. Youre deffinetly not a mac user. You can “switch between program windows”, just as easily on a mac. Command+tab switches programs, and command+ ~ switches between program windows!
    #9. Uhm. Theres 4 buttons … and there are 4 buttons on a PC. Are you okay? Not that hard to navigate!
    #10. SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU BLIND? Theres a page up, down, end, and home keys in the right hand bottom corner with the arrows. Lies lies lies.
    #11. That’s seriously your argument? You can just click the clock and it gives you the date!! Yeah, click the clock. Again – not that hard. Not a valid or logical argument. Ha, the clock isn’t pretty or nice enough.
    #12. IF YOU DON’T LIKE SAFARRI THEN DON’T USE IT!… ever thought of that? Go download firefox or google chrome.
    #13. Alright, so some games don’t work on a mac yet. However, I guarantee they will soon. Plus, there are 1000000’s of games that DO run on a mac with better quality.

    – Dashboard. Yeah, everytime I pull up my dashboard, all the PC users around me are in aw because of how amazing and convenient it is. (PLUS PC HAS COPIED DASHBOARD BY TRYING TO INCORPORATE IT ONTO THE DESKTOP)
    – iphoto, garage band, idvd, imovie, ilife, iwork, and all the other user friendly programs that PC is trying to copy
    – Its funny how PC is copying everything about a mac! Like the DOCK…wth is “rocketdock”… posers.
    – SPACES. Yeah, having UP TO 20 multiple desktops, try doing that on a PC
    – Viewing system – like Expose.. I think I would die if I didn’t have expose to use.
    – How about a freaking 6 hour battery – no big deal. It also takes like 5 minutes to charge a mac. Try that PC.
    – And just because macs spelled backwards is scam, doesn’t mean its worse. PC just stands for pathetic crap. Get over yourself.

    • Uncle Fred said,

      Games and price are absolutely not what makes macs suck. It’s the OS. The OS is pure garbage. Yeah and MS has copied some of the things in mac OS (maybe), but they’ve made it actually functional.

      Who upgraded your mac? Did you? Or did the geniuses? I have yet to see a mac that I could just pop the hard drive out of and change it with like 4 screws. Meaning I can change it in 3 minutes. So I can switch between HD’s. Also my laptop comes with a bay that allows me to have two HD’s in it at a time (INSIDE)..and I can switch out for a DVD drive in seconds….and I can do it twenty times a day if I want.

      Command-Q is silly. Here’s why…it’s right-hander centric. Do all Mac users have to be righties? Just like elementary school. I have my hand on my mouse with my left hand, then I have to command-q to close the app…either I use my right hand across my body or I take my already busy left hand off the mouse. I suppose I can customize that somewhere, but should I have to? In windows, I close the app and move on.

      Depends which keyboard you have whether you have home and end keys. None of my macs have. Always had to use the fn key to invoke them…on my pc’s just hit home or end…no fn key BS. Same with page up and down and with delete. That sucks..

      I guess you’re saying that you maximize by stretching the corners of your app window? Are you stoned? That’s three times the work, if not four…why? And each time it’s something different. Maximizing in Mac OS is not yet fully developed.

      command-tab and what? Silly little man. You have six times the inconvenience and twice the price, and you love it, because you don’t know what “work” is.

      Yes, I can have up to 20 desktops (or as you like to say “20 multiple desktops”) on my PC. It’s not part of the OS…which actually means that I have a choice of other, better software. With a Mac you have an app and if you don’t like it, you might be able to figure out how to uninstall it.

      Viewing system – this should be common knowledge by now. And also, there are quite a few third party apps for OSes other than windows 7

      No, my pc doesn’t charge in 5 minutes, but I’ll take it…because my mac hardly ever finishes anything that it starts…and it’s way more secure.

      Yeah, rocketdock poser…exactly, except that it does a shitload more than mac’s dock or rocketdock combined.

      Dashboard is useless. So are any of those gadgets, widgets etc.

    • Sexy Naked Hermaphrodite said,

      Everything in the previous post is pure shit.

  124. Mikele Brastovski said,

    I like both mac and PC. Does that mean i’m bi? I won’t waste anymore time on this pathetic debate!!!

  125. spinhy norman said,

    Teema, you’re so funny! Upgrading means adding another hard drive, a blu-ray burner, and a new video card, not just adding ram to the one slot the computer actually has. Kind of demonstrates the point about the technical competence of mac users. There are things I like about macs and I even recommend them to friends who are too stupid to figure out Windows, but there are a lot of flaws too, and I doubt I’ll get another since my old one broke (wasn’t really that well made, I thought it was flimsy overdesigned junk actually).

    PCs have equivalent software and more, with more 3rd party options (ok I admit garageband is neat, but I’m a photographer). And do yourself a favor and don’t even mention iPhoto to anyone with a PC- they’ll just laugh at you. Dashboard style stuff, along with a lot of other Mac junk, actually was copied from Linux desktop managers.

    And is #13 really a real guarantee? If I get a Mac you’ll refund my money if I can’t get it to run Assassin’s Creed by the end of the year?

  126. Felix said,

    Many of the things you are ranting about doesn’t mean macs suck. Macs were made for a specific reason.

    It wasn’t made for games, it wasn’t made to be just like the pc that we all have been using half of our lives. Its for people who wish to be creative with videos and art.

  127. Pabstsmear said,

    I have used Pc most of my life. For a while I wanted to own a mac for a number of reasons. My friends all swore up and down that its better for design and it hosts better music applications. Its simply not true. They claim to support vst plugins, but a plugin that runs in ableton on windows xp cannot run on a mac. The point and click crap only really applies to simple computing tasks and using non third party software. I had friends that swore up and down about garage band. Garage band sucks, its marginally better than audacity and I would even rate ardour for linux higher, though it doesn’t have such a fancy gui. Computers are meant to be practical devices that make some tasks easier. Mac takes the pragmatism out of computing and replaces it with shiney user friendly graphics. I read somewhere that learning to program in windows is like learning to dance in a body cast, if thats true, learning to program in Mac is like learning to swim in a body cast. I recently discovered ubuntu. There are some glitches and it takes a little bit of getting used to. I still fuck things up a lot, but for learning to program it is beautiful. Python is great… If they could get some better support for music software like ableton live, I would ditch windows for good. Windows is good for propietary software like ableton, Linux is good for professional computing and programming. Mac is good for nothing… Not even design, but most designers just use the adobe creative suite, so I guess mac is fine for that… The only reason I don’t want to see mac die is that they provide some competition to microsoft. No corporation should be left unchecked to control our technology. I hate to jump in on the mac v pc wars for this reason. Mac sucks even in comparison to microsoft, but what else is there if people give up on mac. There is very little linux support in the world.

  128. orangejulius said,

    Macs are for full of shit faggots.

  129. orangejulius said,

    teema is one of those faggy ass faggy fags

  130. Riyadh said,

    Teema you’re retarded.

    #1: I’m not going to argue, you’re retarded.
    #2: Upgrading doesn’t mean putting in more RAM into slots you already have.
    #4: Compare the 100s of programs on a Mac to the million’s (or more) on a PC.
    #5: Can you customize even further? How about changing the boot screen logo, the log in screen logo, how every fuckin’ icon looks….. Simply downloading a theme from the Internet and applying it isn’t customizing it really.
    #6: I think that pressing 1 button is a lot easier than stretching every corner.
    #7: The guy is talking about ghost programs. Search it up.
    #8: He means Apple made everything more retarded. On a normal computer pressing Delete on a file deletes it. On a Mac this is not the case. The Mac is just not as intuitive as the PC.
    #13: Do you even play games on the Mac? The versions for Mac are release years after the PC. And the versions are 2nd rate(lower quality).

    6 hour battery life, my ass. Set your PC to the performance of a Mac and you’ll get a 12 hour battery life.

    Why are you referring to the PC and Mac as if it were a person?

  131. Security Light · said,

    LMFAO have very cheesy songs but i do like their songs ..

  132. Luke said,

    I won a Mac. I got the piece of shit for Christmas.
    I cant figure how to work the fucking thing half the time.
    I was trying to video chat the other night and no way would that work.
    So If anyone from Macintosh is reading this…..GO FUCK YOURLSELF.
    Dumbest computers by far.
    The only reason I kept this absolute piece of shit is because my mother bought it for me.
    I will be switching to a PC soon.
    And this fucking thing is going to the bottom of Lake Winnipeg.
    Ill post it on you tube for all to see.
    I was thinking about buying an Iphone but I hear they suck royal nuts too.
    So Blackberry and Microsoft her I come.

  133. fclaeys said,

    Why would Mac users come here int he first place. The crap they are spewing is unbelievable. They are over priced. They can’t do the same things as lesser priced pc’s. Why? Because Apple knows dick about networking, file structure, AD, printing, and wireless security. Speaking of wireless security they have NONE. In order for a mac to get connected wirelessly that network needs to be broadcasted, kind of defeats the entire concept of security. Print servers forget it. Share imove on a network server, forget it. Doesn’t work and Apple won’t support it if you try. Try printing form an ipad? Sure every OS has it’s problem and just wait a half hour because the next MAC OS will be coming out fix what ever bug the previous version had, oh but it’s not compatilbe with the earlier version. If you want an over priced stand alone piece of crap buy a mac. Buy a pc if you want something you can use. Can’t wait for the Slate to come out. Finally a tablet you can network.

  134. Wet Saw said,

    those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod “:-

  135. Soap Dispenser said,

    LMFAO is a good band, i like those hilarious MTV they make on youtube :”-

  136. douche said,

    I am a single mom and this helped a lot!

  137. Magnesium Oxide said,

    ~:’ that seems to be a great topic, i really love it :”`

  138. A. MacHater said,

    So there are sensible people in the world.

  139. windows rock said,

    i used to have windows and i loved it now i have a stupid piece of crap mac and it wont even let me download anything! it sucks MACS SUCK!!!

  140. Dude said,

    Those who buy MACs simply are not bright enough to use the advanced features of a PC. It’s like the difference between a point and shoot camera and an advanced 35mm camera. Sorry but MACs are for halfwits.

  141. SourLime said,

    you all are retards PC doesn’t mean windows. all of you retards try to build a mac (i mean the hardware from i don’t fucking care about the OS) and see what you can make, you have limitless options to build a PC, and if u hate Windows then bash Windows not PC.
    you all know that PC hardware is way better than a mac, so stfu!

    and the OS works depending on how you manage it if you don’t run maintenance of course its gonna crash dumb-ass, don’t blame apple or Microsoft because your stupid and don’t know how to use there OS right!

  142. SourLime said,

    I do agree that OS-X if easier to use than Windows. To a tech-savvy person OS-X is to limited (as in customization etc.) as to windows where you have almost limitless options to do what you want with it, and where windows lets you go no further theirs normally a 3rd party program to help you go further.

    Ill put it this way OS-X = a school.
    as Windows places you as 2nd in command of a company of sorts.

    Also OS-X i would say is more for artistry and design, as windows is better for gaming, burning DVDs,etc. but as a programmer both are too limited, so i use Linux when i code and such, and Windows when i test/play games.

  143. Ryan said,

    I suppose everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but, am a college student so I get mac’s cheaper for study and never had a problem so far and will never switch back to PC’s for one reason and one reason only that I left the PC market…


    It will never change, the last best OS they made was 98, ME edition and Onwards were horrible Operating Systems, am currently studying video games design and animation and you really think Windows would be reliable for that? Hell no. The amount of work I have lost thanks to Windows crashing on me in the past is unbelievable. I will never turn back.

    Just to note one common thing ive read on here, the recent (ish) Mac’s are upgradable, you just have to ask nicely to the Apple man to do it for you so you don’t break anything (and for free to put the stuff in to), unless, of course, you can do it yourself.

    • SourLime said,

      As i said the OS only fails if you fail at using it. yes windows has crashed on me a few times but i know for a fact it crashed because of me not its own fault

      • Ryan said,

        The OS fails if I fail at using it? Whut? You mean by actually using the OS like any other OS. Cool makes perfect sense.

        My opinion still stands though, Windows sucks balls.

    • Ryan McCarty said,

      the OS fails because of user error not error in the system dumb shit. set down your purse and get a fresh tampon cuz I think its time for you to get a computer with some balls, a PC!

    • Ryan McCarty said,

      the macs are upgradeable? bull f*ckin shit they are.. have you every tried to crack open a mac and upgrade parts? dont bother you might as well and go buy another $2000 pile of shit

  144. Death To Jobs said,

    PC = Diversity
    Mac = Homogeneous pieces of shit.

  145. SourLime said,

    For all you saps who say your mac is just as good as a pc or even better and it can do anything a pc can lets see a mac do this Case / Tower

    Custom DD tower 29 Case

    CPU/ Chipset / Memory

    Dual Intel Xeon X5680 Overclocked to 4.3GHz – Liquid Cooled
    EVGA SR2 Motherboard – Liquid Cooled
    12GB Corsair GT 2000Mhz


    ORIGIN High-Performance Dual CPU & GPU Liquid Cooling
    Chipset Liquid Cooling


    Quad SLI EVGA GTX 580 FTW – Liquid Cooled


    Quad OCZ 50GB Vertex2 in RAID 0
    Dual 2TB WD Caviar Black
    LSI Megaraid SAS 9260-4i


    2x Enermax 1050 watt PSU

    Optical Drives

    12x Pioneer Blu-ray burner


    Dual Integrated Gigabit Ethernet NIC
    External 802.11 a/b/g/Draft-n Wireless LAN (Optional)
    Rosewill Media-card reader


    On board Audio

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Rear I/O Ports

    (1) PS/2
    (8) USB 2.0
    (1) IEEE 1394a
    (1) eSATA 3GB/s
    (1) S/PDIF Out (TOSLINK)
    (1) S/PDIF Out (Coax)
    (6) Audio Ports


    FC3 fan controller
    LED Strip lighting with Remote Control


    Liquid Cooled Xbox 360
    5 port switch

    ya thats right it plays X box 360 games!!!!

    don’t believe me here is the link

    lets see your pos mac do that

    • SourLime said,

      BTW the Dual in “Dual Intel Xeon X5680 Overclocked to 4.3GHz” dont mean 2 cores 2 Solid physical CPUs both dual core and before your dumb asses say anything that’s WAAAY better than a 6 core cpu

      • Ryan said,

        I think you need a hobby, an outside one. Seriously.

    • chris said,

      he forgot to add:

      In my parent’s basement.

      I agree. You seriously need a hobby. One that doesn’t involve liquid cooling your entire nerd cave.

      • SourLime said,

        I didn’t make that you idiots I found it. and I don’t own that ether.
        and you don’t have to be a nerd to know how to make a computer. sorry you guys are dumb asses who don’t know shit about anything, so you have to lash out and insult people when you find out they are better then you.

    • Tenma said,

      Seriously though, a 4-Way SLI with GTX 580 FTW is a big waste of money for not a lot of performance gain. Just my two cents.

  146. Ben said,

    you can play games on steam and you won’t have to pay $1000 for a video card to play, pc’s get viruses, yes macs do but not as often and even then there really hard to get, I find it funny how your bitching about itunes when itunes is on the PC and you have an ipod which is an apple product and you can use opera or firefox as your web browser, all the other stuff you said is pointless and personal babble

    • me said,

      Viruses on Macs are hard to get??????? Really. Macs virus have bypassed all of the Apple Security and are using tricks which have been developed for attacking both Windows and Linux, each is different but Macs seem to be achievable.

      Plus earlier this year Apple pulled the warrienty of all infected Macs, any qualified MAC engineer was not allowed to work on infected machines.

      • Maddog said,

        Oh yeah: I forgot. My Mac ‘buddy’ whole-heartedly admitted that only in the latest version of OSX (10.7?), Apple finally added the ability for you to resize a window from any border of a window as opposed to only from the bottom right hand corner.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Windows have this in at least Windows 2.0?

  147. Harry Michaels said,

    Mac users are simply lemmings, just like the original commercial that shunned PC users like they were falling off a cliff for good reason. So, you buy an overpriced MAC computer/laptop which is supposed to run better. As plain experience in my tech support field shows, student lemmings take their laptops that need a RAM upgrade to the Apple store (isn’t this the tree that God said was forbidden to go to?), and they get charged for RAM 3x the price of RAM you can get anywhere else – and it’s not APPLE RAM, its the SAME RAM you would use in a PC!

    Then, I get asked to install a piece of software on a MAC. Download the file, then RUN the compressed file right? Simple procedure? Well no. You double click on it, and then you sort of install the image and hope it ends up in the applications folder. Then you have to make an alias (only if it allows you to), onto your little task bar thingie. And then the cursor becomes a circly rainbow. From what a MAC friend of mine told me, this is like the Blue Screen of Death. So, MACs like make rainbows when their systems crash…

    Peace to everyone!

  148. Malorie said,

    ughhh, i have owned macs and pcs and they both have their ups and downs. deal. and people that come on here and say “this is why i hate mac users!!” why do you hate them? bc they are supporting their computer? but you are supporting your computer also. and you are complaining about them complaining. its weird. i know there are pc users out there complaining about mac users bashing pcs. we are all just doing the same thing, and we are all just acting like idiots. choose a side and respect peoples lives they are living. Its not like someone is forcing you to own either computer, so be happy with the one you have and stop hating on everyone 🙂 this goes for PC users and MAC users alike.

  149. ??? ??? said,

    OMG macs graffics and performance are way better than pcs. and its almost imposible to find a pc with at least a an intel core 2 duo and every mac has at least that. and everyone says that its mac users that are stuck up when pc users are actuly the ones saying macs are so bad. AND BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME CONSIDER THAT IM ONLY 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan McCarty said,

      @??????- the reason you cant find a PC with an intel core 2 duo is because that processor is old technology. Almost all pc’s use intel core i3, i5, or i7 which are the fastest processor on the market. No wonder macs are so slow, they use old technology. I have an HP with a core i5 and it kicks the shit out of those macs with the core 2’s. plus i paid half as much :p

      • Ryan McCarty said,

        i think you need to wait a few years and gain some basic knowledge about technology before you can try and sound like you know what you are talking about

  150. ??? ??? said,

    PCs HAVE ENDLESS ERRORS AND CRASH ALL THE TIME! half the time im WAITING FOR SOMTHING TO LOAD. and it comes with a load of GARBAGE wasting your VERRY LITTLE memory

  151. Harry said,

    I respect a 12 year old’s opinion about MACs having a core 2 duo processors and performance being ‘way’ better. The problem is, this 12 year old hasn’t realized that his upper-middle class parents have spent 3-4 times more on the MAC and that ALL the PCs I’ve purchased, supported and maintained over the last 20 years have given me more than adequate performance at a fraction of the cost. I work hard to save money. That’s why putting money into a MAC is like wasting money.

  152. Ryan said,

    This is a great article, almost perfectly sums up the reasons I don’t like Macs. (One problem though, if you want to cycle through all open windows you might as well use Exposé.)

  153. Sensible Lad said,

    ok, here we go

    1.) why does ones choice in computer define their intelligence
    2.) if you can do the same thing on one computer that you can do on
    another with a lower price, why not buy the one with the lower price

    I once owned a large tv that cost me 500$, but had very poor picture
    quality, I have also owned a large tv (about the same size) that claimed
    to have “quality” its cost me 1000$, it was pretty good.
    Then I ran accrossed a tv that wasn’t advertised at all, it didnt claim to
    have any features but it had wonderful quality and cost me 500$.

    This was a lesson to me, some products have a “brand price”
    some companys like to justify their price by the fact that their name is well known, any practical person knows not to buy into “brand name pricing”

    I can buy a pack of 24 Oreos for 4.00$ or I can buy “cream stuffed cookies”
    that taste exactly the same and has 36 cookies for 1.00$.

    some people say Oreos have a distinct taste that’s different from any other brand. I say that is all in your head.

    3.) the market for computer OSs needs to be bigger, we need more
    choices I think, the apple/microsoft war proves that there is only a
    debate on choosing which of the 2 to choose, imagine 8 os choices

    I dont pick linux, microsoft or apple, I support BullMoose OS.

    4.) computers have been around long enough that all of us have grown
    around computers, so I think theres a little bias in the air.

    5.) someones ability to write the English language on a forum does not define their intelligence.

    6.) if you like your OS so much why dont you just go on with your life.
    If I carry a mac product, every macboy I meet is going to talk to me
    how I made the right decision.
    if I use linux while Im hosting a server Im going to get a linux fanboy telling me about the newest open source program for it, and advise that I dont need.
    If I use microsoft around fanboys of either, they will make offhand remarks why microsoft sucks.

    ok, once again, cant it be about the product in question rather than the
    company, also why so much talk, when your talking your not using
    your system, Id think that if you loved your product so much you’d be using it alot more than you would be talking about it.

    someone playing Warcraft isnt going to be going around telling people to leave their games and play Warcraft, they are just going to play Warcraft.

    the differences are miniscule, the price is the only thing that bothers me.
    and dont give me that, higher price means better quality crap if your going to argue that to me make reference to point 2.).

    now I believe I have been quiet reasonable, and I am open to your opinion if you make your argument sensibly, blood shouldn’t be spilt over another persons decision that only effects themselves.

  154. denver it said,

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In thought I wish to write like this – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article is very rare…

  155. Denny H said,

    FUCK I HATE MACS THERE SO CONFUSING. Worst of all is you don’t got a 2nd button on the mouse. Windows is way more convenient.

  156. Harry Michaels said,

    I’m not a MAC user, but my MAC ‘buddy’ recently told me that the only way you could resize a window was diagonally via the bottom right hand corner part of a frame. Only in the latest OS 10.7 have they allowed you to resize a window horizontally or vertically from the bottom/top or right/left frame of a window. Come on! Even Windows 1.0 had this capability if I remember well!

    Microsoft tends to get criticized for copying others but give them credit for many innovations that still are not available (and will never be) available to MAC users.

  157. Digna Adderly said,

    Throughout this awesome design of things you actually get an A for hard work. Exactly where you misplaced me ended up being in your particulars. You know, they say, the devil is in the details… And that couldn’t be more true right here. Having said that, let me reveal to you precisely what did do the job. The article (parts of it) is certainly really convincing which is most likely the reason why I am making the effort in order to opine. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, even though I can easily see the leaps in logic you come up with, I am not sure of exactly how you seem to unite the details which make the conclusion. For the moment I will yield to your position but hope in the future you actually connect your facts much better.

  158. sonicstream1256 said,

    Freaking fucking hell!! Are Mac users ignorant dumb fuck who can’t shut themselves up about how marvelous Mac is?

    Mac users, you all are, in my opinion, fucking sadists. Do you know your so-called “Apple computer”? Well, screw you. Apple obtained all the cheap and lousy hardware from Foxconn, Chinese sweatshop, then Apple packaged all the crappy hardware in a cheap casing and sold it twice the price. Mac users, because of your ignorance, thousand of workers had killed themselves because all the pressure from Apple in order to satisfy your little Mac. You should feel bad, Mac users.

  159. Danielle said,

    My clock on my iMac’s , yes there is more than 1 read Fri 4 Nov. 11:21:57 date and time wow! I guess it’s like the saying ” once you go black you never go back.” Had many other Pc’s they all sucked after they got INFECTED! No matter what we did or spent $$$$ to protect them! Pc’s are a big waste of money. There is a reason why we love Mac actually many. Stop sulking that you cant’t afford one and deal.

    • SourLime said,

      Mac’s get “INFECTED” just like PC’s Mac’s just don’t have a large user base so not allot of hackers. Think about it if you where a hacker would you want to hack the system that has less users and very little to no free-ware or the one that millions of people use and download stuff on all the time. Also Mac’s do get viruses Trojans and the like, but are not always equipped to detect them. and a simple FACT that PC’s are cheaper and have a larger selection of hardware will always make PC’s a winner in my book.

      ALSO, Skyrim looks awesome lots of people love it and guess what not for mac.

  160. Maddog said,

    If you need to spend $$$$ on PCs to support them (i.e. antivirus, utilities etc), which forces you to move to a MAC, then you truly aren’t technology savvy. I’ve supported PCs for 20 years with freeware utilities/system disks that have restored ANY machine back to health. The only thing that I haven’t been able to fix are:

    1) Hard drive failures
    2) Memory/RAM failures

    …both are hardware

    If you can argue that hard drives/memory are better on MACs, I’d like to hear it. If you open up the MAC, the hardware is from the same manufacturers as PCs.

    Still — spend 1/3 the price on a PC and have access to utilities that will keep it running smooth.

  161. nix said,

    you’re using it wrong boys:)

    mac is brilliant. it gets constantly improved and refined.

    If you talk about viruses, hardware and system bullshit, you’re probably still too childish…. in your head.

    So you might realize the benefits, the pleasure eventually… or not. And nobody really cares anyway;)


    • SourLime said,

      No skyrim for mac and thats all i need to drive me away from it.

    • Maddog said,

      MAC is absolutely refined, improved and brilliant. But we know that PC is going the opposite route, and NOT innovating, NOT improving and NOT becoming easier to use…

      If MAC is so brilliant, tell me why they removed the optional alternate NUM Keypad option from their laptops for financial people who are on the go? ALL PCs still have this incredibly useful feature. For my boss, I had to order an external keypad because numerical entry is what she mostly does on her train ride into work on a Macbook Air. The logic of having a portable laptop is not having additional cumbersome items sticking out the side — joke!

      • Clara said,

        Macs are for show-offs.
        Plain and simple.
        Macs have so many limitations that no level of design/appearance can make up to the ridiculous price Apple charges for the piece of shit.

        How is Mac improving?
        It is simply making this less complicated, making user LAZIER.
        How is that good?
        Yeah it helps if you are lazy/workaholic as it cannot play many good games.
        So why waste my money on a device that can’t even do half of what Windows can?

        I hate Apple for cheating me my 3K for their lousy software.
        They are far from beating Windows with their sub-par platform that is incompatible with just about everything.

    • me said,

      “mac is brilliant. it gets constantly improved and refined. ” So the case has stopped cracking on closing the lid? or are you talking about the massive security flaws in OSX 10.7?

      “If you talk about viruses, hardware and system bullshit, you’re probably still too childish…. in your head.” You’re right, even Apple stated that Mac engineers weren’t allowed to talk about viruses on MACs. Hey you get a virus your warrenty is void.

  162. Youallfail. said,

    All this arguing is pointless
    FACT:Mac’s suck
    FACT: PC’s are the best comps and cheapest you can get( especially if you make them yourself)
    FACT: PC doesn’t equal windows.
    FACT:What OS you use is a matter of opinion, based on your preferences, whether or not you want to admit it.
    FACT: Skyrim is not for Mac

    P.S. If you have to use boot camp to run things that don’t work for mac, why not just save money and get a PC?
    And if you don’t like windows its not like windows is the only OS you can run on a PC, I’m sure someone made a OS that’s like OS X or w/e OS Mac’s use. Well the point is with PC’s you have options while with Mac you only have one option and I’m not a communist, I like to have choices.

  163. Anonymous said,

    This is pointless. If you like ubuntu so much, just install it on your mac. It’s not that hard. Just make a USB or CD of it, and hold option at start up to select it. Install, and you have Ubuntu on your mac.

    • TSssssssssssssssBOOM! said,

      Why would you put a new OS on a Mac when you can buy a bare bone kit or build your own or just buy a normal PC and put w/e OS you want on it, no point in buying a Mac if your gonna change the OS.
      and don’t be stupid and say Mac’s have better hardware because they don’t Apple doesn’t make the hardware in there comps nether does Microsoft.

  164. doggydude said,

    One thing I see people look over a lot is the way apple portrays windows as an operating system. This has nothing to do with osx. But with apples marketing. The ads just make me want to throw something through the door of their shiny little stores. The fact that one of the ads was the
    pc getting a webcam strapped to his head because they don’t come on most pcs just made me laugh.that was the day Iost all respect for apple and their operating system, no matter their pros or cons. I will not use an OS that portrays other users as stupid or unstylish. Again just the fact that they show all pcs on their network displays as crappy monitors with blue screens is the only example I need. (It cracked me up when it showed my server as it on my friends macbooks, seeing that it would kick any macs ass and shove it down its raid carded gullet. To be honest, all of this stuff soulds to me like something hitler would do. I know I’m overexaggurating, but I felt this “computer racissm” full on. I got legitely teased for owning a pc at my school. From around 4th grade all the way up to the tail end of 7th grade. At one point it got so bad that I had to bring it to the principles attention. After that I began to actually do research on macs, and I found out how superior windows is in general, then I used logic and facts to beat those sad kids back into their shiny grey safehouses. I have interned in an IT department for 3 years, and I know that doesnt say much really, but I know a lot more about computers than the average person. At this point I don’t give a shit which company is better than the other, apple has created something horrible (not necessarily the OS) and I refuse to take any part in it.

  165. Rob said,

    I’m gunna chime in here, too. After all, it’s been 4 days since the last rant in a string nearly 3 years long!

    First off, I was a proud owner of a full-sized macbook pro and then it got annihilated in a freak accident … can’t say I was too inspired to drop the thousands to replace it.

    Very simply: at the time of watching my ‘precious’ macbook twirl around, shattered, I was already deciding that replicating it was simply ‘NOT WORTH IT.’ I know that gets a lot of people nodding and nudging each other in agreement, so I’ll skip that rant.

    But the reason I rant today: higher-ups have insisted I incorporate a mac in my daily developer routine.

    It’s been thrust upon me, y’see! It’s not like a I went to a Apple store and someone said, ‘Here’s your Mac … GENIUS!’

    I like to think I’m hardcore: one of my setups is a 4-monitor linux, windows, mac setup all synergized with one keyboard and mouse.

    I’m one of those. And, sort of like I already said, I used to trot around the coffee shops with my oversized macbook, sipping bullshit coffees and PINCHING MY CHIN like a total asshole.

    Well, maybe not the last part, but I want to chime in on making fun of Steve Jobs before it’s not too soon!

    Is it just me (obviously not) or has Mac gotten shittier!? ‘Natural scroll’ on the mouse? Wow! You’ve amazed me, Mac, with your blatant egoism. For those who know, am I right!? For those who don’t, make your mouse wheel do everything in the opposite way (from moving a webpage down to volume control) … does that feel natural?

    Best part, it’s not an option. It’s mandatory. You have to install extra software (third party? don’t care) to fix the problem.

    And what the hell have they done with full screening? If I do the equivalent of ‘F11’ on a new Mac, I’m presented with a whole new layer of sliding desktop backgrounds and widgets that I don’t care about and never will. Did I mention my 4 screens? Do I need ANY OF THEM F****D WITH!? Btw, could I fullscreen my shit now. Nope? … seriously, no? Mac, come on, dude, let’s talk this over? Seriously, I can’t just full screen my shit!?

    Oh, and that reminds me: who decided that HDMI meant overscan? For those who don’t know, this means that if you use their HDMI port to hook up a monitor, Mac treats it like a CRT television with overscan. Let me take another step back: back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the dinosaur family would crouch in front of a television which would fire elections at a screen via a cathode relay tube (CRT) and there would be some ‘overscan’ and … holy crap’tastic, is this realty a mandatory setting!?!?!?

    Hey, Mac, is the level of ‘candle power’ a mandatory setting?

    And iTunes? Holy shitballs. I have to admit, I never fell for that once. I’ve never owned an iPod and I obviously don’t plan on owning any sort of iOS technological equivalent to scouring my nipples off with a cheese grater.

    Sorry, I must apologize. What I mean is: when you know what the alternatives are, Mac is amazingly frustrating.

    Have we not all mastered ‘drag-and-drop’? We don’t need a restrictive interface asking us for your credit card every chance it can in order to facilitate the same process?

    When you answer that question, young padawan, you will find that the whole world unfolds before you.

    But I digress, a symptom which I think is prevailent on this discussion thread, so I won’t edit this rant.

    Thanks for reading!! It’s been fun.

  166. MacLovin said,

    How about u mention viruses, after your PC breaks down from viruses u will have to keep buying a new one so u will end up paying much more. Ppl who have macs have better things to do than play video games like get girls and actually have lifes. Anyways macs are superior in everyway so suck it pc users.

  167. SourLime said,

    “after your PC breaks down from viruses”

    What? Are you an idiot? I’m thinking, yes. Your PC cant break down do to viruses, and if your OS becomes unrepairable because of Viruses you can just re-install your OS or launch a system restore from the advance boot settings.

    “macs are superior in everyway”

    How so?
    Less hardware.
    Low quality hardware.
    Less software.
    All Mac software is available on Windows.(If not exact then carbon copies.)
    Uncustomizable you can only upgrade the RAM, The look is set, I don’t know about but I get sick of white after a while.
    Laptops!! Apple only has Laptops other then the Mac Pro and it’s hardware is old and overpriced. The iMac is not a desktop it is a laptop on life support, there is no desktop hardware in a iMac.

    ANYTHING a Mac can do a PC can too and more.

    “Ppl who have macs have better things to do than play video games like get girls and actually have lifes.”

    I’m married and I have 3 kids. I make $85,000 annually.
    Is it wrong that when I come home that I want to play some games?

    “u will have to keep buying a new one so u will end up paying much more”

    My 10 year old son is using the first PC I built, and its still running just fine.

    I built my first PC when I was 13, I am now 28 you do the math.

  168. Maddog said,

    SourLime.. you beat me in replying to MacLovin and you are right on the ball! I will add a few points:

    If one assumes that a virus means that they must buy a new computer, it’s similar to the anology that if the alternator breaks in your car, you better get a new car! If you get a virus, many ‘free’ cleaners are available online that will fix any problems you have. If MAC users believe they will never be infected with a virus/spyware/malware, they are naive — they are targets as is anyone connected online.

    If MAC users claim that more PCs have failures/issues, it MIGHT be true if you count numbers. However, by percentage, consider that MACs make up only 10% of the PC market. ( So, if you have 100 computers, 10 of them will be MAC and 90 of them will be PC. If you consider that 10% of computers are faulty, then 1 MAC and 9 PCs will be faulty.
    So a typical conclusion will be that “PCs are bad, and MACs are not bad” Hardware reliability is more like 98% so it is unlikely that failures will occur in hardware, but there is this misconception that PCs have a higher failure rate, but they don’t.

    The problem is, that if a PC fails, you can easily diagnose the problem (and even fix it yourself). With a MAC, due to little technical knowledge most users will take their computers back to APPLE and if repairs or upgrades are in order, costs tend to be 3-4 times more expensive for ‘apple’ parts because they are special. They are really the same RAM, Hard Drives, and Video Cards, but simply marked up in price.

    In supporting PCs and MACs for 20 years now, I have found that many have a false illusion that MACs are superior. I find that supporting PCs is actually much easier and yes, we do like games, have families and like that there is so much more software out there to work with!

  169. SourLime said,

    “MAC users believe they will never be infected with a virus/spyware/malware, they are naive ”

    In fact OS X is more vulnerable then Windows

    OS X over 1500 Vulnerabilities
    Windows 7 less then 200 Vulnerabilities

    See for yourself:

    “there is so much more software out there to work with!”

    When making that argument to Mac users (iSheep) in the past they normally say some thing like “Well hows the quality of those programs? quality over quantity.”
    Well I have 3 things to say to that;
    1. Quality of a program is subjective.
    2. If by “quality” you mean the capabilities of the program. Then they are wonderful if not better then the ones available for Mac.
    3.Before you try to indirectly say Windows software sucks, first use ALL of the software available for Windows (impossible.), then you can give your input.

  170. Matt said,

    I just got my 15″ Macbook pro, more like pro pos. I only got it because i start my interactive media design courses soon. I explained to my instructor that i could make my own custom pc that will run everything you need me to run on it for less than half the cost. She is as stubborn as apple, so i forked over 2200 dollars so i could get mad all the time and want to throw this thing out the window. simple fucking things that I could get in 2 secs on a pc, take me 3 hrs. on a mac. Guess how long it took me to find my wifi password? 2 FUCKING DAYS!!!!! on a pc i know right where to go. and this fucking autofill, i swear to god i want to punch the screen out right now. *sigh* just gotta breathe. Anyway, I HATE THIS POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Matt said,

    And no air vents?!?! WTF! feels like an oven on my lap, if i have more than two windows open it feels like this thing will melt. As soon as this thing fries its CPU because i have to use adobe, Im gonna call my instructor and tell her she’s a stupid bitch. Granted I’m not the greatest with a com, i can’t even write code! But i hate this thing already!

  172. SourLime said,

    For those of you who think Apple has 10% of the market, you are only half right. If you are talking about computers, laptops, tablets, phones, MP4 players, Etc. They you are right. But as far as Desktops and Laptops only go, Apple only has 6% while Microsoft has an astounding 92%. So if Mac’s are so wonderful why do so little people use them? Apple even got a head Start on Microsoft, how did they fall so far behind Microsoft? Or are you gonna say that 92% of the computing population is wrong?

    There are approximately two billion Computers in the world.
    6% of that is Mac’s, So that means about 120,000,000 Mac users.
    2% of that is Linux/Free BSD, Then there are about 40,000,000 Linux/Free BSD users.
    So that just leaves the 92% or the 1,840,000,000 Windows users.
    You can rant and rave about how your Mac is equal to a super computer, but in the end about 1,720,000,000 people prefer Windows over Mac.

  173. the xbox 360 made by microsoft said,

    Definitely believe that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the net the easiest factor to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while folks consider concerns that they just don’t realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire thing with no need side effect , folks can take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  174. Clara said,

    I hate Macintosh.
    I own one myself for 5 years and can vouch that it is for computer idiots or workaholics that don’t have a fucking life.
    I wasted 3000 SGD on that stupid piece of shit.
    I believe that Steve Job’s death was deserved for conning so many ppl to buy their sub-par product.

    • SourLime said,

      Your comment was rude and harsh…

      I like that 😉

  175. nerdynick said,

    Enjoy, got this off of Google+.

    • Tenma said,

      Is it just me or does the fucking specs on the PC side say “SuperDrives”? I believe they are called “Optical Disk Drives”.

  176. 10 more reasons why Mac sucks | Why Mac sucks said,

    […] 6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?… […]

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  180. Bobkov said,


  181. Tenma said,

    Damn it! This heated debate is full of gay shit-licking, company worshiping, pimple-faced fanboys. Where’s the non-bias opinion? I see NONE!


    Don’t buy a Mac, Don’t buy a PC.

    Build your own fucking computer the way you want it! Install whatever crap OS you want! Don’t buy mass-produced shit infused shit filled with shit parts! If fanboys start to cry and wail like the children they are, ignore and let them fucking cry until they shit and piss all over themselves. I have shitty Macs and PCs given to me over the times to repair and fix. ALL THE FUCKING SAME! Who’s better? Like me break it down for anyone who is a shit-licking FANBOY. T H E Y A R E T H E F U C K I N G S A M E! Any type of pre-built POS is the same. They’re made for people who can’t personalize their computer to the way they want, total noobs. They’re just like people who pretend to be someone. ALL THE FUCKING SAME!

    Let this fucking message be the death of this stupid and utterly frivolous debate.

  182. Eiemar said,

    They both suck, macs suck and pcs suck. So fuck them both. There is my unbiased opinion.

  183. Makc2 said,

    All of those flashing colons really get to me you know!?

  184. pc4life said,

    Excellent Points. I completely agree with you. I am an experienced PC user. I simply love PC/Windows. I hate almost everything about Macs. They just look a little better than PCs but other than that PC is better than Macs in everything. Average mac users are computer illiterate, can’t even add printers. My PC/Windows works superfast because I know how to change settings and speed up the PC.

  185. pc4life said,

    PC is Better than MAC. PCs dominates the budget friendly market. Macs tend to lack in order to provide a lower price: memory and hard drive space. Most PCs have 4-8GB RAM while Macs have 1-4GB RAM on standard models. Macs typically have smaller hdd than PCs. For computing on a budget, PCs win.

    Macs are exclusive to Apple. Any upgrades or repairs can only be done by an authorized apple center. Changing RAM, HDD, CD/DVDROM, etc can easily be done by any PC user with some guidance. PCs are available from a wide range or retailers, will allow more customization, wider price range for all budgets, repairs and upgrades, PCs make it easier for home user to perform upgrades and repair themselves as parts are easy to find. Due to price and availability, PCs tend to be the winner, while Macs remain the choice for computer illiterate or anti-MS users.

  186. Tribunal said,

    I’m sorry but MAC does suck …
    Your excuse to use bootcamp to run windows is HYPOCRITICAL , especially with all you MAC fanboy keep saying how great your OS is .. why bother putting another OS then??
    You don’t hear PC user saying we should have a bootcamp version so we can run OSX ‘sigh’

    Saying that you guys can run VLC doesn’t mean its as good as running on a PC – Codec running on a MAC is at best 60% time that it will work and that just being generous it more likely 40% …. A/V decoding is just not that good..

    I’m sorry but MAC Fanboy user are just blind brainwash people..

  187. Maxwell said,

    You are being way too nice to those pieces of colourful, brainwashing garbage. You should say that macs have evil money making scemes, and encrypt the files, so only macs can acess them, while microsoft leaves the files alone. I’m just trying to do my home work, but I made a few changes to my project with a piece of garbage that should be banned, and now I just tried to acess the files, but the macs screwed it up, by encrypting all of my work, so I can’t even acess it! They SUCK!

  188. Mac User said,

    why? Just because your so sad you trawl the internet looking for stories on why macs suck. I have a mac and it is the best thing i have ever owned, it never breaks and with a bit of googling you can customize it.

    • Harry Michaels said,

      Just continuing the the chain:
      I operate a mixed PC/MAC environment 100 PCs, 6 MACs sharing Windows servers. I granted (big mistake) Mac users access to my Windows file server and like a virus, any Mac that accesses each folder will create .DS_Store (access Fork) files on every single folder that is browsed. There are no readily available utilities to block this, so I have to write a script to cleanse my Windows server of all .DS_Store files regularly…it’s supposed to store folder information for MAC users…pfftt…of course, my Mac friends would say there’s an amazingly ‘wonderful’ reason why .DS_Store files would litter my network drive…great.

  189. greentea said,

    I love how none of the mac fanboys ever make a rebuttal towards the compatibility issue. Hey guess what mac users? I have a $300 POS toshiba laptop that I can plug almost any piece of hardware I want into it and run it without any problems…including apple products. Lol how many pieces of hardware can you run on your cult machine? Not only that, but the wide availability of software for PC’s far outnumbers that of software availability for Mac’s. Don’t even start on the “thousands of apps” you can download for Macs and other apple products. I can run damn near any software on my POS laptop as long as I have the RAM and hard drive space to support it. Also, the majority of the “apps” for macs and apple products only suck you further into the cult like lifestyle of the fanboys. I wish I could count the number of times I’ve wanted to slap the shit out of someone for playing temple run or one of the other god awful apple games while they are in public and supposed to be socializing, but instead fill their heads with more apple garbage. Macs can’t run even 1/10 of the things that even a bottom of the line PC can. Want to know why? Once you go Mac, you can’t do shit outside of apple without purchasing “upgrades” and other “specialty items” at a ridiculous markup. Not only that, but like many others have said, Macs are for those people that really have no damn clue how to actually use a computer. Also on that, Apple hasn’t truly “invented” anything or even innovated anything either. I actually watched the most recent apple conference for the unveiling of new products and features and was laughing my ass off the entire time. C’mon now, they believe a feature that makes your phone not go off or light up when you receive a call or text at night is innovative because they created a specific app to do so. For fucks sakes it’s called silent mode and you could put your phone into that mode in 5 seconds even 10 years ago. Not only that, but they believe their hardware is innovative as well. Sorry apple, you are only using hardware that other companies created and boxing it inside of your mass produced shell that can never be opened by the user, so technically you haven’t invented shit. Hmmmm the other thing that gets me is how they keep peddling how thin their macbooks are getting these days. If I wanted a flimsy piece of trash that will break if I happen to drop it once, I’d carry around a pizza box with a piece of glass glued to it.
    It’s absolutely hilarious how brainwashed every apple user has become. Why don’t you actually look at FACT over what the manufacturer keeps reciting to you over and over again before you actually try to make an argument. Sorry mac fanboys, I can make a PC run better than a mac, look better than a mac, have more features, software, hardware, and anything else I want with it for way fucking cheaper than your garbage will ever be.

    • Harry Michaels said,

      Greentea: This is the most amazing post that I’ve ever read! I would like to add to your comments about how crappy MACs are, but I’m speechless and applaud your truthful analysis in your post above! Thank you!!

    • Frank Costa said,

      As a 23 year home user of Macs, from the MacPlus and SE30 to various iBook’s and G4’s, I really don’t “get” all the trash talk about choice of computers.

      The Pismo (one of four of my Macs still humming along) on which I am writing this flew off the back of my motorcycle, and yeah, ugly marks but it runs great.

      And like I said, 190 comments ago:

      “Grow up. If you don’t like a Mac then shut up and PC yourself to nirvana. All this “tude” about which is better is stupid, adolescent, babble.”

      • Jay Miner said,

        Amiga kicked the shit out of both PCs and Macs near on 30 years ago !

        Never mind the fact that the Amiga is long dead (almost)…but it was THE BEST at the time.

        Fuck it, let’s go back in time.

        You PC and Mac fanboys are delusional dropkicks !
        The only REAL machine is the Amiga.

        Only Amiga makes it possible !

        Ok, I’ll shut up now. You guys carry on with your spat. 😉

  190. minininjaiscool said,

    Much as I love the slickness of all of apple’s products, another thing is this – on practically every mod or download you want (I have windows vista, so doesn’t happen to me) you see what they don’t work on. On EVERY SINGLE ONE I DOWNLOADED – ‘This does not work on Macs and will never work on macs’.
    What can you actually do on macs besides use their rip off of microsoft office and garage band?

    • Frank said,

      Don’t understand your comment?? “What they don’t work on” is referring to what? What PC app was Garage Band “ripped off” from and if you go back in time you will see that while PC’s had their simple word processing program Mac had the ClarisWorks suite that was a word processing, drawing, painting, spread sheet, and communications bundle. And before that their was MacPaint, MacDraw, and MacWrite that produced books, pamphelets, great art work, and more during the 80’s on the humble B&W models.

      Just as with many products…vehicles, tools, etc., most of the good stuff is a decade or more older. The current crap from Mac is being done by people in an arrested adolescence mentality and even I don’t like what they are doing. At one time being an Apple user had some cred with being more avant gard and free thinking, now it is the same old same old as the rest.

      And to reinterate my point from comment 17:
      Grow up. If you don’t like a Mac then shut up and PC yourself to nirvana. All this “tude” about which is better is stupid, adolescent, babble.

  191. Noah said,

    Mac’s are for advanced users and your negative comments just means your not adaptable to different computer systems……..means your dumb as fuck

    • 5 Eyes said,

      Idiots who cant tell the difference between a harddrive and ram let alone not how to install them , who cant change a video card,who cant troubleshoot simple os issue shouldn’t be calling anyone dumb as fuck… used a MAC, use their OS and pretty much their nothing more then toy computer for wannabe tech people..

  192. Maddog said,

    If MACs are for advanced users, (MAC users claim they can do their own thing in my organization and they don’t need help), why is it that they come begging to the PC IT System Administrator (me) when they can’t figure out simple things such as mapping to a network drive? Claiming you are an advanced user versus BEING an advanced user is totally different.

    • frangimerda said,

      I don’t know, because that’s your fucking job?

      • Maddog said,

        You don’t have to use profanities to get your point across but you obviously didn’t read what my ‘JOB’ is. Let me repeat it for you “PC IT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR and NOT MAC SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR”. My role is to support the 70 people in my organization that use PCs. The 7 MAC users don’t want my help, do things on their own, don’t tell anyone what they’re doing and when they are stuck, come to me for help.

      • frangimerda said,

        What the fuck, a Mac IS A PC.

        A Macbook Air is undistinguishable from any other goddamn ultrabook, it’s got the fucking same components, and the OS is basically fucking FreeBSD plus a fancy interface and some crap thrown in for good measure.

        So, that’s your *fucking* job, technically.

        I worked as an IT sysadmin too, and I bloody well fixed anything that did not look suspiciously like a microwave oven.

        I never complained, you see, because I knew I was basically a disposable piece of shit doing a menial, blue collar job that was meant to pay for college and rent.

        I knew that my sole purpouse was keeping the other guys happy.

        Because the other guys went to college, were doing cool jobs and were irreplaceable within the company.
        Even if their computers (and sometimes their cars) literally SCREAMED “douchebag”.

        Even if they had Macs.
        Even if they fucking wanted to “try this Linux thing” – those were the days of Mandrake Linux 6 or something, when you fucking had to mount and eject media via the terminal – when they couldn’t tell a terminal from a TV set.

        These days, luckily, it’s the other way around.
        I’m the one with the cool job.

        Nevertheless, I still get my work done on a man’s computer: a fucking eight years old Thinkpad with a fucking docking station and a fucking extended battery that fucking Macbooks do not fucking have, because they fucking suck.

        And no, Lenovo does not pay me for this.

        Fuck, the very mention of Macs irritates me, you see?


  193. ANON said,

    I found a mac, I threw it ON THE GROUND!!!! I’m not gonna be part of your system!
    (Sorry about that refrence, but I am really angry at macs, my school has them and their 5000x more retarded then a pc ever could be.)

    • frangimerda said,

      You are being worse than the fucking retards who complain all day long about their office PCs and then go home and masturbate in front of and/or install some obscure Linux distro instead of having sex with a real human being.

      You use what the fuck your school provides because it’s fucking good enough for everyone else, kid.

      A fucking Mac uses the same fucking components you can find in a fucking PC, only it looks nicer, so it is fucking GOOD ENOUGH for doing your fucking spreadsheets or AutoCAD drawings or weave fucking baskets or whatever it is that you do in school.

      Unless your job is writing device drivers for specific hardware (and I’m pretty sure it’s not) you don’t fucking complain about whatever your organization provides you with.

      Read the fucking manual if you can’t figure how to operate a standard point and click interface that is basically the same as Windows or KDE or fucking Unity.

      It’s the fucking same thing.

      My girlfriend has a fucking Macbook and she has no troubles with it.
      She’s a WOMAN, for God’s sakes – she is a PhD student, but this doesn’t change biology – she is a fucking WOMAN, so if she can use the fucking Mac you can too.

      God, some people should weave fucking baskets for a living.

  194. sage said,

    If you are like 90% of us and have used Windows/Linux the rest of your life, I think we can all agree the Mac is very frustrating to use.

    Windows FTW

    • sage said,

      *For the majority of

      Don’t know WHY I used “the rest of”

  195. anonymous said,

    excuse me
    mac frustrating to use
    I’m sorry but thats windows
    mac is only frustrating to use for windows users for the first week or so
    and thats because it works. No security check for every comment thats crazy. No 40 bucks a month for norton antivirus thats insane.
    PC users are used to a stressful computer experience and when they realize how simple and relaxing mac is they get frustrated that the answer to a lovely computer system is so simple yet it took them years to discover it which makes them hate mac users and fanboys because they’ve had a great computer experience as a result.Sage is a great example of that. He said: If you are like 90% of us and have used Windows/Linux the rest of your life, I think we can all agree the Mac is very frustrating to use.
    Now sage we all now you don’t use linux because linux is mostly used by programmers and your comments show that you know nothing about mac whatsoever.Im pretty sure that you got a mac because you were sick of all the windows crap. And then you turned it on looked at the epic interface and the multiple icons and apps that meant spending hours of fun instead of spending hours installing useless softwares and antivirus. So you just listened to the stereotype called it complicated crap and you take that piece of crap that you call a pc out of the garbage where it belongs and back on ur desk the macs rightful place. Just spend 2 weeks on a mac and you’ll be hooked.
    Sage please do yourself and everyone on the site a favor and think a little.

    • Maddog said,

      Anonymous obviously doesn’t have a real clue about how PCs work, before he/she can comment on how one can be hooked to a MAC in 2 weeks. I’ve been in this industry for 20+ years and many people have told me “Try a MAC and you won’t ever use a PC again.” How UNTRUE a statement is that. First of all, resizing a window on MACs could only be done vertically and horizontally (how lame!) — up until a recent itteration of OSXxxxx. This has been available for Windows since version 3.0 (1990!).

      How un-intuitive it is to not have a right mouse click on the MAC. The ability to use the right mouse button in Windows has been around natively since Windows 95 and within many Windows 3.1 programs in the early 1990s.

      I support 95% windows and 5% mac computers. I easily setup, configure and install software on the Windows systems, and can easily uninstall/manually remove items in windows if I encounter issues. On the mac, it takes me so much longer, becasue the installation process is supposed to be seamless, yet if there is an application that will not work properly, the installation files are hidden and administrators have to find the buried files. I cringe at installing software on a mac because it is painful and takes much of my support time.

      If anonymous knew that you don’t actually need to subscribe/pay for Norton or MacAfee and there are free antivirus software out there (Check out Microsoft Security Essentials — free, efficient and powerful), he could intellectually discuss this topic.

      However, let’s also understand that as a mac user, we will be immune to viruses and everything will be ‘ok’. PCs ONLY have issues and Macs are so much superior in every way, including the gold plated hardware which is hidden inside the unit itself.

      Macs cost 3-4 times more than PCs and the components ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. Yet, if you have to upgrade to anything with a 1/2 chewed rotten apple as a logo, it will cost mac users more because they are ignorant and believe it is ‘the right thing to do’. You can go to any PC shop and buy the components for a significantly lower cost…

      Stick to the PC, it will make you a better computer expert, and it will also save you hundreds of dollars in your pocketbook…

      • ropert said,

        Linux is better than Windows or Mac for many reasons:

        1. There will no viruses on any version of Linux becouse hackers and those who make viruses make Linux

        2. You can install any version of Linux on a Mac

        3. It is free

        4. You can modify it your self without buing the source code

        5. There is so many to choose from

        (sorry for bad English)

      • frangimerda said,

        Dude, people like you are the reason why Macs sell.
        “A PC will make you a better computer expert” is BEGGING the reader to buy a Mac.
        And then realize that not only a Mac not only has right click but even trackpad-like pinch / swoop / whatnot ON THE GODDAMN MOUSE.

        Those are the GOOD parts of a Mac.
        The design, the UI, the ergonomics are all solid gold.

        The problem is that the Mac is… long story short, aimed and designed for those who use it as a hybrid of a very advanced VCR and a woman’s bag, not *a computer*, an instrument for getting WORK done by means of computation.

        And that’s where Windows 8 is going, by the way.

        And your comment fails to address that.

      • frangimerda said,

        ropert, you are obviously retarded. Sorry.

  196. jesse said,

    So this guy buys a mac and takes it home. but he trips and it breaks so he takes it to get it replaced, but the apple store says sorry thats not covered in your warranty. So the guy pays for them to replace it and gets back home and his friend (a PC user) says so are you still a loyal apple fan after getting fucked over like that?

  197. frangimerda said,

    Dude, Macs suck, true, but most of your points do too, because they can be solved by RTFM.

    For example – of course Home/Ins/End don’t work – you don’t use Home/Ins/End in a terminal, you use emacs-style control characters, which is actually 1) a better option and 2) the traditional approach with serial terminals.

    That said, the only people entitled to own Macs are women, gay men and art students. But I’m repeating myself.

  198. frangimerda said,

    Everybody commenting – get a Thinkpad, install cygwin and get a life and a real job.

    It will do you good.

  199. Sly said,

    You sir, are a douche bag, just a douche bag. And also, my house is filled with macs, and we seem to produce music and many much better things than you’re PC (Piece o Crap)

    • frangimerda said,

      Yeah, you’re in a band, we get that.
      If you knew how to spell “your” you’d probably have something more interesting going on.

    • dfjoiejf said,

      *your PC. seeing that you’re too fucking stupid to tell the difference between you’re and your, I can assume that you’re a dumbfuck who doesn’t realize how convenient pc’s are.macs are for faggot ass apple fan boys

  200. said,

    “Top reasons why Macs suck. NerdyNick” definitely got myself simply hooked with
    ur webpage! I reallywill wind up being back a whole lot
    more normally. Thank you ,Lorraine

  201. Fancypants said,

    Buy a Mac, and a pc, if you guys can afford it. They both have their own drawbacks and shining qualities, but where one is incompetent in doing something, the other probably can do. Computers are fun to fuck around with, we should just leave it at that.

  202. jake blorglith said,

    sure windows isnt perfect, but i see way more problems with macintosh. the new macbook pros with mountain lion os are just such a pain to even do anything. it seems they’re all about money with this buying apps bs. almost reminds me of lindows back in the day. i cant stand my macbook pro. it came with no cd/dvd drive, my flash drive doesnt even show up, its such a hassle just to get picutres off my phone. i got a pc with windows 8 and i dont like how they have the stupid app thing so im going back to windows 7. but otherwise windows 8 was way better than mountain lion. my flash drive works great. got rid of the stupid iphone and went with a more basic one that has a card. the card read no problem in my pc. my cameras i just plug in and it pops up. was not nearly that easy with mountain lion. anything i want to do on a mac i need an app and it costs money. pc i always am able to find something free off a simple google or bing search. this piece of macintrash is going back to the store. if i wanted a headache for an OS i would have stuck with linux which i actually thought was way better for networking if you know what your doing.

  203. dfjoiejf said,

    fuck apple and macs. macs are for fucking faggot ass cunts who are too fucking stupid to realize how fucking awesome pc’s are. fuck steve jobs too. glad that that fucking cunt little fuck died. piece of shit

  204. skyrimnord12 said,


    there is only one button on the mouse. it sucks when your trying to get options, or playing computer games.

    DVD Player

    Every PC has an opening cd player. with macs, though, they dont even open like normal. you could stick a penny in there and ruin the entire computer

    • frangimerda said,

      a) False. The Apple glass touchpad has no buttons, period.
      It doesn’t suck, per se. You can have all sorts of options depending on touch gestures and number of fingers.
      Microsoft and Logitech have both launched similiar products, and the Microsoft Touch Mouse (no buttons, all-touch) is the recommended device for Windows 7/8.

      b) True. Except that you would deserve to fuck up your computer if you were so stupid as to stick a penny in the optical drive.

      • Maddog said,

        I think no one here is referring to Apple’s magic mouse which is designed for a person that has a perfect hand shape, no wrist issues and which is overpriced. We are talking about the fact that you have to hold down a special key on the keyboard then click in order for a right click context menu to show up – this has been around since Windows 95, but since only very recently did a 2 button standard mouse appear on the mac.

      • frangimerda said,

        You don’t have to hold down a special key, you use the magic mouse or any cheapo two-button mouse.
        Supported since 1999, on sale since… I don’t know, 2004 or something.
        Basically, ever since they killed off Mac OS 9, which didn’t really need the ctrl+click thing any more than a chicken needs a touchscreen.

        Of course, the best mouse in the world, the original right-handed Logitech MouseMan+, came only in PS/2, so Macs are still a big no-no 😛

      • Harry Buttfartinkiss said,

        is the penny really that far out of the realm of possibility? with children in almost every home, its certainly possible that one could make this sort of mistake. Then again, I guess that point dosen’t matter anymore since they removed the drives all together. I mean, god forbid you ever watch a movie on a mac that wasn’t bought off of itunes.

  205. MacNerd said,

    Well on a PC you have to click 1000 buttons to get somewhere – and the technology is very old. I understand your statement, but your not correctly using the Mac. Mac is mostly made for businesses. I would rather play games on a PC, but financial problems should be on a Mac, thats why they are expensive.

    • frangimerda said,

      Really? To get here I just clicked one (one) link. What are you referring to?

      Also, you are talking nonsense.

      Financial transations are handled by ultra high availability machines called mainframes.

      Macs are not “made for businesses”,either, otherwise they would come with a docking station and standard tools for configuration and servicing by the IT department: Apple doesn’t give fuck about businesses, its core market for computers is in education and arts.

  206. skyrimnord12 said,

    if one thing breaks, you have to replace the whole mac, if one thing breaks on a pc, you just replace one part

    • vayanui8 said,


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    that, fantastic site!

    • Jezza McCarrottop said,

      Why are you using explorer? Nobody uses Explorer… Use chrome or something decent like that.

      • frangimerda said,

        In case you did not notice, IE still has 50% market share.

        Admit it, you are a Mac user.

  208. James Reese said,

    Fuck PC. With Fusion I can boot my Mac and run Windows and My OS if I need to. I hardly even need too cause Windows is a piece of shit. Some Mac users are fags but it hilarious to listen to you PC geeks calling them on it. Its like Richard Simmons clowning Brian Boitano for being “a lil gay”. PC geeks are grown up video game nerds. You’re the guys who would beat you little “first person shooter” game the first night and then play it over, and over and over with all the codes. You’re the die hard Star Wars fans or even worse Trek.
    Oh yeah and LOGIC PRO shits on any DAW on a PC. Have a n ice fuckin day.

    • frangimerda said,

      Surprise, surprise.
      I would never, ever buy a Mac for the very same reason I don’t care about Star Trek and shooter games.
      Do I need to remind you that the poster for Star Trek (the movie) was used on Apple’s website for almost a year and that an inordinate number of Apple machines were given Star Trek codenames in the prototype stage?

      The problem with you Mac users (and PC nerds alike) is that you are in love a machine.

      Not a good sign. Never a good sign.

      A machine is a tool.
      A fucking tool to get work done.
      It has to last long, be cheap, serviceable and sturdy, so that you can spend the least possible time with it, then concentrate on the pleasant parts of life.

      Agreed, Logic is absolutely awesome.
      But are you in love with Logic or are you in love with music?

      Stop worshipping machines.
      Stop it.

      • Jezza McCarrottop said,

        A MAC is neither, cheap, nor sturdy, and definitely not easy to use. So therefore your argument is invalid because fuck you!

      • frangimerda said,

        Jezza McCarrottop, go fuck yourself, stupid asshole.
        My point was exactly that Macs are often a wrong choice. Idiot.

        But only because of the price, because, hey, they have the SAME FUCKING HARDWARE you can find in Dell and HP machines and they are just as easy to use (hello, we are talking about a fucking point and click interface that has been the same for the past 30 years now, hello?).

        And anyway, while we are at it, there are perfectly valid reasons to use a Mac for work.

        For example, if your workflow has been centered around a Mac-only software for 20 years, as it is the case in a number of studios and in the graphic industry.

    • skyrimnord12 said,

      fuck you

      • vayanui8 said,

        hi sam

  209. said,

    I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s content every day along with a cup of coffee.

    • SmaX said,

      Same here, buddy! I just like to kick back and indulge lol

  210. Justine said,

    The person who compiled this lists obviously hasn’t used a Mac properly before. As a music producer, a Mac is far superior to anything a PC can do. Sorry but your reasons (or should I say opinions) are totally unjustified and without any real research!

    • Maddog said,

      Sorry Justine: Being in the computer industry for 20 years + gives me and countless others experience about pricing, system efficiency, how proprietary macs are and how much more you can get for your money with a PC. I have worked with MACs and find the interface built for dummies. If a software install corrupts something, you need to dig into the system files to remove the files so a clean install can be done).

      Pricing wise, I can get a Windows 7/8 laptop for under $400 where I live, but the same or lesser powered Mac laptop starts at $1300 ( This IS more than 3x the cost and it is a fact. I spent $400 on a 6 core desktop system with a 3 TB hard drive, 8GB RAM and a 2GB video card (source: You would need to spend at least 1300 to get the bottom of the bar iMAC which doesn’t have more than 1TB storage or more than a 4 core processor, and no option for video card.

      Softare is the final comparison. Although MAC compatibility has improved in recent years, there is no comparison as to which platform has the most software available: PC. Gaming as well – if you want to play any games, MAC is not your choice.

      As an IT professional, I HAVE done research and know my way around both platforms – in my opinion, the choice is clear…PC is the way to go…

    • SmaX said,

      Yep, gotta second Maddoggy-dawg on this one, JUSTINE:

      As a music producer(and as a former IT student-meaning that my IQ is WAAAAY up higher than the mean apple target demographic, such as yourself) I have to say that there is absolutely nothing a mac can do that a Windows machine cannot. And for the insane cost of a single mac desktop you can assemble a machine(or even a few machines) so insanely powerful-it will be able to run a rocket launch(mission control) center-let alone ProTools, Cubase or Ableton.

      You see, the laws of logic still apply on this very Earth, the last time I’ve checked, and if you buy more powerful hardware(and I’m not even mentioning having a versatile, flexible operating system, which OSBlablabla cannot be called by a long shot) you will, NEWSFLASH!-HAVE MORE PROCESSING POWER! And the more processing power you have-the MORE PRODUCTIVE YOU CAN BE(like having more tracks and using more plugins in your case!)! I mean, ISN’T THAT JUST FUCKING, ALL OUT GREAT? And here’s another one for ya-it’s completely true(because of LOGIC, that I’ve mentioned earlier, again, something that the apple target demographic is lacking COMPLETELY), no matter what the Church Of Jobs tells you in their gay, trendy lil’ TV ads!

      And speaking of the Church Of Jobs-how’s the Second Coming COMING along? lol Any “release dates” announced yet? 🙂

      PS: I feel really ticked off when borderline idiots, such as yourself, call themselves ARTISTIC TYPES. You give the rest of us, who are artists AND can wipe our own arses of our own accord, a pretty bad name. Because then, among other things, as artists, we would simply OBLIGATED to use macs, because, at some point, the Great Apple Cult Propaganda Department decided to spread a rumor, saying that macs have the absolute best multimedia capabilities(again, for absolutely NO LOGICAL REASON whatsoever) and that they are the “be all end all” boxes for the “creative types” to use. It’s called marketing-maybe you’ve even heard the word once or twice, while being stoned silly on campus and being enrolled into some liberal arts BS(no pun intended this time lol) program.

      So, bitch, please. Pretty please.

      PPS: OH YEAH! Speaking of the “PCs being unable to do particular kinds of shit”: I have a TC Electronic audio interface which is connected to my Windows machine via…….AN INTERNAL PCI FIREWIRE INTERFACE! So yes-we can use ALL of the interfaces you, douches, can use.

      Now, please, tell me what advantages do macs have in terms of audio that the PCs don’t?

      You have a VERY AVID LISTENER.

  211. Jezza McCarrottop said,

    Dont worry MAC, its okay, i have all fucking day to scroll down in order to share my agreement for my hatred of you…. NOT ONLY does this pile of shit not have gaming capabilities, but also on the rare occasion you get a game on it and you’ve navigated the download labyrinth, the game doesn’t work! although i like the keyboard for typing, it has no useful functions and im sure if i tried i could find a small wireless keyboard for that PC i don’t own, and maybe it you disconnect every five seconds?

    Although bro, on a personal note, you could have proof read your list i found it hard to read with the spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • frangimerda said,

      Asshole, it’s the same fucking hardware and the same fucking nVidia or Intel graphics chip you can find on any other fucking machine on the market.

      If you can’t install a game on a Mac you are more retarded than the average Mac user.

      And the average Mac user is very, very retarded.

    • frangimerda said,

      Also, asshole, you write “its okay” and talk about “spelling mistakes”?

  212. Kittens said,

    Right, so after reading what a couple of people said I got the idea that OP has autism and a dwindling number of brain cells.

    Firstly, I’d like to say that nearly everyone here who is defending windows is either illiterate or retarded, I have not seen a single person replying to a mac user without spewing some sort of moronic attempt at an insult at regular intervals.

    So, I’m personally a fan of windows but what half of these people are saying is utter opinion-based bullshit that they attempted to pass off as a fact.

    Also, I hate it when people say that you get more computer for money if you buy a windows, that is not true and I will say why it’s not. When windows users buy a mac they go in expecting a high end machine with all of the most powerful parts. What a mac really is, is a computer based around applications for work, wether it be for the office or for students. *insert shitty analogy here*. You’re buying a mac for exactly the wrong reasons then hating it for what it’s not trying to be.

    Now, for the fun part, time to prove OP wrong.

    “Macs are ridiculously over priced.”

    “Macs have to have such high prices because they share a very small market of the computer market; the monopoly of course belongs to Windows. For example, you can get a $500 Compaq Presario notebook or a MacBook with the same specs for $1200.”

    Does this ‘Compaq Presario’ have the same OS as a Mac, does it have the same apps as a mac? I think not.

    “PCs are expandable and upgradeable”

    “PCs have a larger cross section of part available that are as good if not better then those provided by the manufacture.”

    Believe it or not, you can actually customise macs. Although it may make a small difference it is there none the less. Also, mac users don’t have a wide selection of parts because, chances are, you won’t need to get high performance bits because your every day use of it will not require them.

    “AAC sounds like shit, and so does mp3”

    “AAC sounds more like your listening to music at a dance club. Way to much treble and bass not enough mid range sounds. You really have no other choice in codec’s. So your pretty much screwed.”

    Get some other music player, I’m sure there are a wide selection for mac.


    “With a PC you get options. Don’t like Windows Media Player then try VLC, don’t like that then try something else. With a Mac there well iTunes. The biggest pill o’ crap I have ever seen. Always screws up your file structure. Pain in the ass to work with when trying to copy over files to the iPod. All in all it just sucks.”

    Right, this is possibly the shittiest wording one could possibly use for this, so I’ll interpret what I can.
    With mac you can also get other players, dummy. Also, to get files over to your iPod you just plug it in and press sync, although it seems challenging with your limited supply of brain cells I’m sure it’s really not that tough.


    “You really can’t do any cool customizations to a Mac. You can what change out the Apple colors. With a PC you can do sweet mods like shoving a computer into a pumpkin just for the hell of it, or even making your laptop look like the souls of the dead are trying to escape. You never see any of this stuff for a Mac because it would be a waste to try. Be out $2k just to do something small, and if it breaks well your out. With a PC you would maybe spend $400-$500 on a base computer. If you have monitors.”

    First of all, I would love to see how putting a mac into a pumpkin (that sounds like a moronic idea because it would probably rot, unless you’re using a plastic one) would break it, does the pumpkin just spontaneously implode upon contact or what? I’m not sure… Also, feel free to paint on a mac, I’m sure you’ll be fine unless you’re using some sort of corrosive liquid.


    “In windows when you maximize it take up the screen. On a Mac it leaves holes and gaps everywhere. All this means is when I click some place I’m more likely to pull up another window that I didn’t want. I don’t know about you but at any give time I have probable 8 windows open and that’s not counting my FireFox tabs. And when you get on a roll writing some code the last thing you want is to click something and have it appear right in your face and make you loose your momentum.”

    Well, there’s this thing called moving the window into the corner of the screen and dragging the bottom corner out, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Secondly, if you don’t want to click anywhere other than your actual window then don’t be a ham handed pile of shit and and actually use your mouse properly.

    “Closing Programs”

    “When you go to close a program on a Mac it doesn’t really close. Whats this lead to wasted CPU processes and resources. When I close something I want it to close not just sit there.
    When using alt-tab on a Mac it only shuffles the minimized programs not the current displaying programs. So what if I got 5 chats open and I want to switch. You take this and the closing programs and you got a pain in the ass as well to try and switch quickly between programs.
    Too many command keys
    Function, control, alt, option, and command (which used to be called open apple and is sometimes referred to by its symbol). Which one do I use to right-click again? Which one makes the delete button delete? Surely we can get rid of one or two of these.
    No dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys
    Enough said. How can you not have those keys. If you work in a terminal at all they are so nice to have, or if you have to go through pages of documents. You just can’t have them.”

    So, if you want to close a window then press cmd + q, then it will shut the program down and it will no longer sit there. Also, I’m sure pressing tab 3 times whilst holding down command isn’t too hard, right? Now, if you want to right click you can do this really interesting thing, it’s called binding right click to whatever device you are using to navigate your page. I’m sure a technical wiz kid like you can manage opening setting and binding a key, hopefully.

    “Clock sucks”

    It really sucks. Sun 10:00 AM. I want to know the date – I know it’s Sunday, for crying out loud. Maybe I can change the format. Let’s go look. Nope, but I can add seconds or flashing separators. Who needs the date when you can make those colons flash?
    (My Linux clock not only shows me some useful information, but I can also get a quick glimpse of the calendar by clicking it. Sorry Mac, but the Linux clock kicks your clock’s ass.)

    “Right, so you want to see the full date? Then go to your hot bar at the bottom and look at this handy thing called iCal, the icon on the hot bar shows you the date. Be warned though, only the most technically savvy NASA scientists can access this hidden feature”

    “Safari Sucks”

    “Safari was released three years ago. I still can’t tab to a select list. But, to be fair, that’s probably really hard to do.”

    Congratulations, you’re bashing an application for being out-dated even though on my current safari I can do what you said just fine. Clearly this post is pretty aged.


    “This would be my number one reason I hate the Mac. There are zero games. Yet alone you really have shit for graphics processing to handle the games. The last real game was World of Warcraft that you could play on the Mac and even then WOW disappointed me (Longtime EQ player, would take me pages to describe my disappointment.). Personal I would want to be able to play a game on a computer that I paid $2000 for being that the tower I got now was that much and I have dual screens and at the time on of the best graphics cards on the market, and it looks way cooler then any of that Mac crap.”

    Hey, I see you have this computer that is designed for putting your time to good use in the form of studying or working, I can’t believe it can’t play games although it’s blatantly not what it was designed to do!

    Please reply with your angry messages, I’ll sit down with some chocolate milk and oreo pop tarts to enjoy your tears even more.

    • frangimerda said,

      Hey, sounds like you are not retarded.
      You actually state very reasonable points.
      That’s surprising, since the past hundred posters had at least some mild retardation or obsessive disorder.


      • I know this stuff said,

        I feel like somebody that actually knows MAC hardware and software should reply. First off, I work in the IT industry. I have over 15 years experience with Mac’s and PC’s. The following is a mix of opinion and facts based on my experience.

        Mac’s are not terrible. I will start by saying that, but they do lack many useful features. First is a way to add or remove programs easily. Sure you can throw the icon in the trash, but that doesn’t remove the core components. Mac’s that I see typically have GB of data from old programs that where never completely removed. In order to get rid of this junk you need to either waste some time removing folders by hand or you need a program like CleanMyMac to go through and remove the components. In windows the add/remove programs panel accomplishes these tasks for free while there is no equivalent included with a mac.

        Second issue. Mac charges for everything. Why do I need to pay apple 99 cents for a program they didn’t create just because it’s on the Mac store? What a rip! And why did Apple put those pentalobe screws on every new product? Apparently they think Mac users are too stupid to know how to fix their products.Or maybe they just want people to pay their high prices at the Mac store for things they could do for a fraction of the price on their own.

        Logic board bull crap! First off, why call it a logic board? It’s no different from a motherboard, so why create the fancy name? And why do you have to change the design every quarter? Even though there are no changes to the components, Apple decided it would be cool to change the pin locations for every “logic board” quarterly. So an early 2012 logic board is not the same as a late 2012 logic board despite having the same hardware. That terribly stupid decision is what makes their logic boards outrageously expensive. A logic board replacement for a mac book pro will cost $800 to $1000 at least, but an equivalent for a dell won’t run more than $200. They could save money by making the same board and just changing components, but I don’t think they care about saving the end user money.

        The software on Macs is great. Very reliable and easy to fix. So a big +1 for that aspect. But in my opinion PC’s are far more advanced. For example Apple only builds their software to work with their hardware, while windows must work on oodles of different configurations. So it seems that Apple is taking the easy way out with the programming portion of their OS. There are allot of complaints about windows quirky problems that are far more rare now than in the past, but many of those problems are driver related and are not a fault of Microsoft.

        The biggest gripe I have always had with Apple is the most obvious one in my opinion. They make barrels of money using other peoples ideas and marketing them as their own. Mac OS started out as Unix, a free open source base operating system. The version Apple uses was created by xerox. It is proprietary much like ubuntu is a linux distribution. But regardless of this it was not their original creation. The ipad was a copy of many previous creations from Microsoft and ultimately samsung. They then turned around and Sued the original creators, who by the way still supplied the ipad’s hardware, for copyright infringement. The iphone was not the first smart phone, but most people think apple invented the smart phone. Sony did, sorry ifans. Oh and they sued a Mexican company for using the iphone name despite having sold iphones for 2 years prior to the release of the apple iphone. Duh. Needless to say they lost that case. I wouldn’t mind so much if they just kept quiet instead of suing innovative companies for having the audacity to create products they want to claim as their own.

      • frangimerda said,

        “You Know This Stuff”?
        I can’t believe the amount of factual inaccuracies you managed to pile up in one post.
        The best one is still “Mac OS started out as Unix”.
        Yeah, sure.
        Mac OS started out as a mono-user, mono-programmed operating system written in Pascal, Unix my ass.
        Ubunt? WTF? XEROX?
        The whole Unix deal started with Mac OS X in 2002 or so.
        I don’t think Xerox was ever involved with Unix either.
        But yeah, you know this stuff.

        You know this stuff so much that you don’t seem to realize that the hardware on a Mac is the same as ANY Intel-based PC.
        “Easy route”? Yeah, sure. They ported they API from Mac OS to OS X, the whole OS from PPC to Intel and then ARM in 10 years.

        Oh, but they don’t officially support AMD, sure.
        That’s a big deal.

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  214. PCSuck said,

    I think it is the other way round. You people hate Macs because you have absolutely no taste. The Windows Vista onwards all are shit

    • SmaX said,

      Productivity and processing power have exactly what in common with TASTE, if you don’t mind me asking?

  215. Gel Pad said,

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    experts of this sector don’t notice this. You must proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

    • frangimerda said,

      Yeah, it’s 8 years old and it was already bullcrap then, but “very informative”.

      The irony is that Macs have actually gotten worse.

  216. brett said,

    I just think macs are pretty disfunctional “not that i have used one so i could use a preview to shut me up”. But i game A LOT and i use an hp 65 bit that works quite incredibly well for it. Not to mention virtualy the whole internet is made for windows operating systems with all the downloads and everything. everything has to be specificly coded just to work for macs. that is also why linux is coming up as a big player since it has programs to change the coding from windows to it’s format. Hats off to them for figuring out this fact.

    • frangimerda said,

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    I mean-how more fucking dysfunctional can you get?! When I buy(which I usually don’t, but just for the sake of argument) a ridiculously overpriced piece of glossy chinese plastic that’s “designed in California” it goddamn better sync good, cook my food and perform blow jobs on demand and NOT force me to use some POS service I have absolutely no use for and which can compromise my privacy.

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    • Maddog said,

      Liz. I’m sure the apple society has a money back guarantee if you are not happy/satisfied. If they say they won’t take it back, don’t allow them to ‘train’ or give you ‘free’ lessons. If we can’t intuitively learn how to use a system by ourselves, it’s not worth our time and money!

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    • Jay Miner said,

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    Couldn’t agree more. I use both platforms professionally for graphic design, print, 3d animation and web design. I have been doing so for over 10 years. You will always get people who just have a preference but my opinion is based on using both systems extensively. PC’s are so much better than macs. I challenge anyone to produce work faster on mac than I can on a PC.

    • Jay Miner said,

      Nope not me.
      I totally agree with you Elliot having used both extensively. A Windows PC kicks the crap out of a Mac for virtually everything !

  261. Tom Hinds said,

    I just bought a iMac, and I have to agree. It sucks compared to my PC. Why did I do it? I’ll be doing my photography on my PC mainly and spreading the word about all of Mac shortcomings! Can’t wait to tell about ten thousand photographers!

  262. Maddog said,

    It’s so unfortunate that although Mac ‘addicts’ boast that Macs are superior, you pay 3x the price for something that really isn’t. The hardware is the same (there is no Apple motherboard, CPU, hard drive, RAM or Video Card in there it’s all brands like Intel, Seagate, Kingston and Nvidia). The only thing you may get is this plasticky shell which may or may not be attractive and a notion that you can’t get a virus with Macs – the fact is Mac users wouldn’t know what to do if they got a virus.

    As a PC user, you simply install one of hundreds of free antivirus packages available to protect your PC.

    If you regret your Mac purchase, maybe you can take it back and ask for your money back.

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  265. Rich Gilbertson said,

    I am running a Mac Pro 2009 tower with 4 1TB hard drives running Ubuntu, OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Show me a freakn PC that can do this and I will show you a 10K PC that cost 10K to build. OS X is better for all types of high end projects, Ubuntu is good for odd ball projects and Windows 7 & 8 are good for standard apps or projects.
    No other way can you have it all other then on a Mac.
    Gaming system using Windows 8
    Working projects using Visual Studio Windows 7
    C++ working projects on Ubuntu
    Ties them all together so transport from one OS to the other is done on OS X as it can access and use everything.

    • Maddog said,

      You spent $10,000 for that??? Surely you must feel privileged to spend that much money on ONE MAC. Not everyone has that much money to waste. You could’ve spent $6000 and bought 4 ultra-powerful PCs and put the savings towards your mortgage/rent. Now THAT’s logic.

  266. Elliot said,

    To the old chap that clearly knows nothing about PC’s I have a PC running Linux, Mac OS and Windows. I never use Mac OS but I installed it just to prove a point to the Mac fan boys at work. It cost about a grand. Nuff said.

  267. Jay Miner said,

    Dear Rich Gilbertson,
    You obviously have never heard of Hackintoshes. I too have Windows, Linux and OSX Mavericks installed on a 16GB i7 PC I put together myself 2 odd years ago that absolutely and unequivocally runs faster and more reliably than an equivalent Mac Pro. Not to mentiona a hell of a lot cheaper. A generic PC will of course run Windows and Linux MUCH better than a Mac because, well it isn’t a Mac and doesn’t have Apple getting in the way with it’s additional proprietary hardware just to make it a Mac (or should I say make it slightly non standard). A Mac is really just another PC using standard PC parts (usually less powerful too) apart from it’s Apple boot rom.
    You see Apple FORBID anyone to buy their OS and install it on any other PC whereas Microsoft do not. Apple are a pretty EVIL company when it comes down to it.
    Personally I am quite familar with OSX but I much prefer Windows. The Finder is an absolute joke and one of the worst file managers I’ve ever used, not quite useless and I guess if you had never used anything else you could be forgiven for thinking it is adequate (which it is…just).
    The way information is displayed on the Mac just seems immature (for want of a better word) and is a big negative for me but Apple have always had this problem with their OSes.
    I could waffle on for hours about how inferior Mac OS is to Windows but I am bored already. If people really want to run OSX then I highly recommend that they do it on a generic PC as this will give a big finger to Apple who really have one of the worst types of attitudes for a technology company by limiting choices. It’s the Apple way or the highway !

  268. Me said,

    But you can display the date on the clock… I think someone doesn’t know how to use their computer.

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