The LSI Guide To Lockpicking

November 8, 2006 at 1:09 pm (Uncategorized)

“Locksport International is proud to provide a simple, visual guide to lock picking. It is our hope that beginners will find this useful in learning the basic skills of picking pin tumbler locks.”

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Top reasons why Macs suck.

November 5, 2006 at 8:44 am (Uncategorized)

So I have grown to hate Mac. I have gotten tired of those who have no idea how to use a computer spouting off that there Mac is better then a PC (Windows or Linux). So I have decided to put together this top list of why a PC is better then a Mac. Enjoy and long live Linus Torvald and Bill Gates.

  1. Macs are ridiculously over priced.
    1. Macs have to have such high prices because they share a very small market of the computer market; the monopoly of course belongs to Windows. For example, you can get a $500 Compaq Presario notebook or a MacBook with the same specs for $1200.
  2. PCs are expandable and upgradeable
    1. PCs have a larger cross section of part available that are as good if not better then those provided by the manufacture.
  3. AAC sounds like shit, and so does mp3
    1. AAC sounds more like your listening to music at a dance club. Way to much treble and bass not enough mid range sounds. You really have no other choice in codec’s. So your pretty much screwed.
  4. Options
    1. With a PC you get options. Don’t like Windows Media Player then try VLC, don’t like that then try something else. With a Mac there well iTunes. The biggest pill o’ crap I have ever seen. Always screws up your file structure. Pain in the ass to work with when trying to copy over files to the iPod. All in all it just sucks.
  5. Customizable
    1. You really can’t do any cool customizations to a Mac. You can what change out the Apple colors. With a PC you can do sweet mods like shoving a computer into a pumpkin just for the hell of it, or even making your laptop look like the souls of the dead are trying to escape. You never see any of this stuff for a Mac because it would be a waste to try. Be out $2k just to do something small, and if it breaks well your out. With a PC you would maybe spend $400-$500 on a base computer. If you have monitors.
  6. Maximizing
    1. In windows when you maximize it take up the screen. On a Mac it leaves holes and gaps everywhere. All this means is when I click some place I’m more likely to pull up another window that I didn’t want. I don’t know about you but at any give time I have probable 8 windows open and that’s not counting my FireFox tabs. And when you get on a roll writing some code the last thing you want is to click something and have it appear right in your face and make you loose your momentum.
  7. Closing Programs
    1. When you go to close a program on a Mac it doesn’t really close. Whats this lead to wasted CPU processes and resources. When I close something I want it to close not just sit there.
  8. Alt-Tab(command-tab)
    1. When using alt-tab on a Mac it only shuffles the minimized programs not the current displaying programs. So what if I got 5 chats open and I want to switch. You take this and the closing programs and you got a pain in the ass as well to try and switch quickly between programs.
  9. Too many command keys
    1. Function, control, alt, option, and command (which used to be called open apple and is sometimes referred to by its symbol). Which one do I use to right-click again? Which one makes the delete button delete? Surely we can get rid of one or two of these.
  10. No dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys
    1. Enough said. How can you not have those keys. If you work in a terminal at all they are so nice to have, or if you have to go through pages of documents. You just can’t have them.
  11. Clock sucks
    1. It really sucks. Sun 10:00 AM. I want to know the date – I know it’s Sunday, for crying out loud. Maybe I can change the format. Let’s go look. Nope, but I can add seconds or flashing separators. Who needs the date when you can make those colons flash?
    2. (My Linux clock not only shows me some useful information, but I can also get a quick glimpse of the calendar by clicking it. Sorry Mac, but the Linux clock kicks your clock’s ass.)
  12. Safari Sucks
    1. Safari was released three years ago. I still can’t tab to a select list. But, to be fair, that’s probably really hard to do.
  13. GAMES
    1. This would be my number one reason I hate the Mac. There are zero games. Yet alone you really have shit for graphics processing to handle the games. The last real game was World of Warcraft that you could play on the Mac and even then WOW disappointed me (Longtime EQ player, would take me pages to describe my disappointment.). Personal I would want to be able to play a game on a computer that I paid $2000 for being that the tower I got now was that much and I have dual screens and at the time on of the best graphics cards on the market, and it looks way cooler then any of that Mac crap.

Ok, that is just a small list of what I have compiled. Some of these are mine some of them are from other people on the web.

Just a footnote to all of you who may want to correct some of this “If I have to go through menus to enable options and to navigate to places it still sucks.” Also if you want to brag about how much better your Mac is then My PCs learn to use a computer first with out the assistance of tool tips an all that stuff programmed in for the beginners. I mean be able to sit down at a command prompt and know what your doing. I want to be able to say “I want you to find in side of a file bared some were on the hard drive the like “Macs Suck”.” And with out thinking about it you can type it right in, and don’t come back to me with well my Mac doesn’t get viruses. Well either does my Windows and by Ubuntu, but that might be because I actual know how to use a computer. I know that well this email that say “Re: Hi” from: is most likely something I shouldn’t be bothering with.

Well that’s it. If you want to rant, rant otherwise make the switch to the better OS. Make it Linux.

Thanks goes out to: themagain, mjd420Nova, kersen, and Chris Shiflett

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